December 31st

Scarf in Louisa Harding Nerissa

I have finished my Louisa Harding scarf knitted with Nerissa.  I like this yarn very much. It is easy to work with and does not split. I might make the matching hat.

I am not sure what is happening tonight. John asked Steve if he and Lynne would like to come over for a drink but we have not heard back from them.  The champagne is in the fridge – I must not drink too much this time!

We are having an easy dinner. John was given a jar of Wild Boar Pate for a present and so he is going to have that on toast and I have a fresh crab that I am going to eat with an avocado pear and some mayonnaise  that I shall spice up with some paprika pepper.

Once again it is raining and cold.  I am going to carry on knitting my cushion cover and try to get warm. We have a big log fire and the central heating is on but I am still cold. Back next year!


3 thoughts on “December 31st

  1. luv the scarf, however, i purchased some nerissa yarn to knit a LH scarf & I found it too hard to knit with. I really struggled with it as it kept splitting. Enjoy ur new year, hope u have a good time 😉

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