December 20th



This is the field beside our garden where we walk Slip. It is flooded – I have never seen it as bad as this before. It has rained non-stop for the past 24 hours.

We had a very scary journey to Brown’s restaurant last night. The traffic was very heavy and we could hardly see through the rain and spray from other vehicles.  We eventually arrived and were able to park nearby.

It was very nice inside. a huge bar and dining room with a vaulted ceiling which did make it rather noisy but it was a nice noise.  I had mushrooms in a wine and cream sauce to start with followed by the lobster tagliatelli which came with half a small lobster on top! John had grilled goats cheese followed by cod and chips……not very adventurous!  I had a In the Pink to drink first – this was vodka and sparkling wine and orange juice and then I had the West Indian Yellow Bird which was rum, coconut rum and lime.  Very tasty!  I would go there again.

I am not closing over the Christmas period and so if you need me, I shall be here!


December 19th

I am back! Julie, Maureen, Touran, Nancy, Joan, Susan, Maureen, Theresa and Kessa all sent correct answers to the last question. Here is the next one :

The letters of the phrase MAKING SURE can be rearranged to make the names of three drinks. What are they?

Answers to with Drinks as subject. Please send by midnight Friday 21st.

We are going here for dinner tonight. I have been studying the cocktail menu and think I shall have a West Indian Yellow Bird! I love cocktails and could drink them all night long! Not sure what to have to eat….the lobster tagliatelli sounds rather tempting.

My brother and sister in law are coming to lunch on Saturday. John and Slip are shooting and so it will just be the three of us. I think I shall do beef in red wine with brandy and mushrooms. I can make it in advance and then warm it up when they arrive.

TIme to cook lunch – toasted cheese and onion sandwiches. Back tomorrow.

December 17th

Today has been hectic and Jackson has been a pain in the butt!   We decided to put some Christmas decoration up – bad idea!  Jackson scaled the walls, jumped up the curtains, did flying leaps from the furniture…anything to get at these shiny  balls and tinsel. I have taken them all down and put them back in the mouse-free loft.  They won’t survive a minute with Jackson – we shall have an  undecorated house for Christmas!

I know the contest is due a new question but I just have not had time to do it….I will make it my first task tomorrow.

My Knit Pro leather bag handles have arrived but I have not had time to open the box. 

Now I must dash as the postman is driving in the gate….back tomorrow.

December 15th

Contest!!  Correct answers were received from Kessa, Janet, Nancy, Joan Julie, Susan, Maureen, Theresa and Touran.  Here is the next question:

The eight pictures below show vehicles and occupants whose names rhyme with each other. For eample, an 18-wheeler being driven by a web-footed bird would be a duck truck. Can you identify them all?



Answers to with Transport as the subject…..send by midnight Monday please!

We are not going out to eat tonight. I am cooking goujons of cod in tempura batter for John and I am having garlic mushrooms on toast.  Tomorrow I am cooking port chops – they are marinading in maple syrup , star anise, sage and paprika pepper at the moment.

It is very wet here but not so cold and so my hands are a bit easier.  Must dash as I have to prepare the tempura batter! Back tomorrow.

December 14th

My hands are still driving me crazy and I have resorted to using a net curtain to scratch with – it is bliss!

John could not walk when he woke up this morning. His right ankle was very painful as soon as he put any weight on it. This is the ankle he broke five years ago when he fell into a river in Ireland.  Luckily we still have his crutches and so I got them in from the garage and he hobbled about.  It seems to be a little better now and he is walking unaided but still shuffling that foot. We shall see how it goes.



Just arrived! The Anna Griffin Tropical Tote bag…….I love these bags! I had better go and unpack this big box and see what else is inside!  Back tomorrow,


December 12th

Bitterly cold here – my hands hurt so much when I was packing parcels that I cried. The cellophane bags that some of the yarns come in are very cold.  I tried wearing gloves but it is awkward and slows me down. I am back indoors now in the warm.

Lots of correct answers to the contest from Nancy, Kessa,Christine,  Julie, Theresa, Susan, Lois, Maureen, Touran, Kessa, Janet and Joan. If I have left anyone out, please email.

Here are the next questions. As you will see, they are all related to the weather. I need you to find 5 hidden words, one in each question, that relate to the weather.

1.I never know if it’s worth understanding all the technical markings on the weather map, or if I should just pay attention to the forecast summary

2.The slick, tech-oriented new meteorologist said to the rumpled old weatherman, “Don’t worry, we’ll figure out what we have in common sooner or later.”

3.The lovely spring weather this year should allow the fragrant wisteria hanging down over my doorway to flourish.

4.Every time we have another hurricane, the meteorologist explains how erosion at the coast can be accelerated by destructive weather.

5.When it’s rainy, our local meteorologist first focuses on the choicest or most palatable parts of the forecast before delivering the unpleasant news about the weather.

Answers to with Weather as subject by midnight Friday please.

One snippet of news – Kidsilk Haze Meadow is discontinued. There is none left at Rowan. I tried to order some today and was told that there was no stock and it won’t be coming again! I was surprised as Meadow has always sold well.

Going to brave the cold again now as I have more parcels to pack.  Back tomorrow.

December 11th


Jackson has discovered a new place to lounge – on the back of my arm chair!  You can see Slip in the background looking out of the patio door!

I have managed to get a small amount of Crystal Palace yarns at discounted prices and I am gradually putting them in my store. As well as Mini Mochi, I have some Kid Merino.

Tomorrow we are going for a Chinese meal with my hairdresser who is called John and his wife Tracy. This is principally because John has bought a day on my husband’s shoot and so my John is going to give him the low down!

It is very cold here and my chilblains are not happy. I am wearing thick gloves but it makes things awkward. Off to pack now. Back tomorrow,