January 31st

Sorry to have deserted you!  Yesterday was hectic – the new Rowan yarns and books arrived and I had a lot of pre-orders to pack and ship.  Then, just as I sat down at 5.0pm, the door bell rang and it was the Debbie Bliss Luxury Silk and new shades of Rialto Lace. The silk is gorgeous – the sheen has to be seen to be believed and it is in balls rather than hanks. The Silk Print is also very attractive with nice colour combinations.

Now to the new contest that anyone can enter. The prize is 2 balls of Debbie’s Luxury Silk either solid or print in the winner’s choice of colour.

The first question is where would you find a whirlpool with flotsam and jetsam?  Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Whirlpool as subject by midnight Saturday please.

Next to arrive will be the FIlatura di Crosa Superior and some Bergere de France – I am just hoping they don’t come for a while as John’s eyebrows are up and down like yo-yos every time the delivery van pulls up!

Now I must dash – lots of sorting out to do!

January 29th

I have booked the holiday to Barbados on August 18th for one week. Here is a picture of the pool at night:

ImageI have booked a beach front suite with a day room as well as a bedroom.  I have not yet told John that I have actually booked….I am waiting for the right moment!

The Rowan Spring order has not arrived as yet.  Apparently the Debbie Bliss Silk is also on the way – I do wish it would not all arrive at the same time. Apart from John’s grumbles, it is a lot to sort out and find homes for!

Theresa and Maureen both solved the last puzzle and they have decided to share the prize ( $10 credit to spend in my shop) so that we can move on and start a new contest. I will do this tomorrow.  I will be contacting Theresa and Maureen to explain how to apply the credit.

John and Slip are out pigeon shooting and Jackson is eating a piece of pheasant that he stole out of Slip’s dish – I hope it won’t upset him.

I am going to wait for the postman now. I will start the new contest tomorrow.

January 28th

I telephoned Rowan today to ask them to add some items to my big Spring order and I was told that it has shipped!  It left Germany on Friday and so should arrive tomorrow.  I have been frantically trying to make space!

I also learned that all Debbie Bliss Andes is discontinued – the complete range.

Things are looking up!  The hotel chain that we stay with in Jamaica are opening a hotel in Barbados in June.  John has agreed to go there – he feels we will be able to go outside the  hotel complex safely and so can hire a car and see the island.  In Jamaica it was rather scary as there were men with big knives and machetes  and guns on the streets – a bit intimidating!  I am in the throes of booking it now – for mid August.

Jackson has had his head down rabbit holes and has had to be de-fleaed several times. I have now treated him with a flea repellant that lasts for four weeks. He is rabbit crazy!

I have finished my second cushion cover and managed to sew it up – just!  I have now started a third one – intarsia……..lots of tangled balls all the time!  Back tomorrow.

January 26th


This is Erika Knights Medium Vintage Wool and the shade card. It is Aran weight and their are 95 yards per 50g ball. Retail is $9.50…so again quite expensive.

I had a big Noro delivery today – unusual as I do not usually get deliveries on Saturdays. It contained the new Taiyo Sock, new shades of Silk Garden Lite and the new World of Nature. Now to photograph it all! John and Slip are out and so I have smuggled it in!

Theresa and Maureen both solved the butterfly puzzle…here are 4 brain teasers for them! ANswers by midnight Monday to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Brain Teasers as subject please!

Rearrange these letters to give the title of a classic 19th century novel:


Bill’s number is 35, Mary’s number is 57, and John’s number is 47.

What is Jane’s number?


Complete these words by inserting the same three letters in each.

F—IA    FI—O    N—ENT

Can you spot anything at all remarkable about this list of words?


I have been busy today – cleaned the fridge, changed the bed, ironed, and started sewing up my cushion cover – I find this so laborious and tedious but I have done half of it. Now I must take the remaining half of pheasant off the bone for Slip’s dinner – back tomorrow.


January 25th



The Erika Knight samples arrived today. The photo is of a ball of British Blue Wool Medium Weight. It is Blue Faced Leicester and is DK weight. It comes in 25g balls with 60 yards per ball and is machine washable. It retails at around $6 a ball and so is quite expensive if you are knitting a big project.  The shade card is in the second photo.  Jackson was immediately attracted to the grey shade as it is called Mouse!  I am not sure whether to stock it or not. I also have samples of other weights which I will photograph tomorrow.

Heavy snow is forecast for tonight and so I went to the hairdresser today. That way I don’t have to venture out if it is icy in the morning. John and Slip are shooting and I would have to drive myself there. I am totally fed up with this cold weather.

Going to roast a pheasant for Slip’s dinner now………!!