February 19th


We were going to Cambridge shopping today but somehow never got there. We did an inventory of the Addi Needles and it took such a long time. This was principally because John had a tidy up and did not realise that the turbo and lace needles are different and so combined the boxes of the two sorts!  The problem is that the label on the box does not say Lace.  I have now separated them out and re-boxed the lace ones and marked the boxes with a big L.

I have ordered some more FIlatura di Crosa Superior in new shades. I have to deal directly with them in Italy as there is no UK distributor. 

Kessa, Theresa, Maureen and Susan all found the author – Gertrude Stein. Here is the next puzzle:



Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk by midnight Friday with Otters as the subject please!

I have nearly finished my third cushion cover – I will post a photo when it is done.

Must go and cook some pigeon breasts for Slip now – I hate pigeon! Back tomorrow.



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