February 21st

I have not been feeling too good…hence my silence. I have a hip that most probably needs replacing. If I carry anything heavy or stand still for any length of time it hurts. The pain keeps me awake and so I am tired. Today I went to the library and carrying the bag of books back to my car have made my hip hurt.

I am not afraid of having an operation if deemed necessary. I just don’t fancy being immobile afterwards.

You remember I told you about my customer and the problems with the baby jacket and that Fiona was going to sort it out? Well, it is done and here is a pic of Deborah ( my customer ), her daughter Lucy and baby Sebastian wearing the jacket. He still has tubes up his nose etc…..but he is doing well. What a special baby!



2 thoughts on “February 21st

    • Hi Janet,

      Yes, Sebastian is really a miracle. And Fiona was great! I cannot image a 1lb baby! I think the tubes are for oxygen. Deborah ( the grandmother ) lives five minutes from me. Hope all is good with you

      J xx

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