February 18th

I am pleased to report that my hand is back to normal – swelling and redness and tight feeling have gone.

We went to view some boarding kennels for Slip today. They were fine – clean and airy and nice “doggy” staff and so John is happy to leave Slip there when we go to Barbados.

It is sunny today – quite spring-like until you step outside and feel the cold! 

Nothing much else to report.  Jackson is on the trail of baby rabbits and spends ages sitting by their burrows hoping one will emerge.  No captures as yet.

Back tomorrow.


February 16th

My hand is getting better. We decided to do home surgery!  The puncture made by Jackson’s claws had healed over very quickly and we thought that perhaps some germs had been trapped inside. So John cut it open with a sharp blade so that it could bleed freely. It is now not so red and swollen and feels much more comfortable.  We are thinking of opening a home surgery!

It is much warmer today. We are not going out to eat – I am making some pasta, not really my favourite task but I will do it!  It makes so much mess with the flour.  We may go out for a drink later.

Susan, Maureen, Kessa and Theresa found the ten book titles in the word search. Here is the next question for them to ponder:

Add a T to the word unregistered  and rearrange, and you can make the full name of a female author and poet. Who is it?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Author as subject by midnight Monday please.

Off to brave the pasta machine now – back tomorrow,

February 15th



Sneak peek of a cardi from the new Debbie Bliss magazine which is due at the end of the month.

My customer with the problem hood came round yesterday.  We decided it needed professional help and so we have sent it to Fiona who is going to sort it out.  The baby that it is for is born.  He was nearly 5 months premature and weighed 1 lb.  He now weighs 9 lbs and so is ready for his first jacket.  The mother had pre eclampsia and the baby had to be delivered by caesarian long before term.  He is doing well – bless!

As well as fat fingers, I now have a fat hand.  Jackson’s punctures from yesterday are red and my hand is puffy and tender.  His claws were like razors and they hooked in – I had to unhook them with my other hand.

The lobster was delicious. Really fresh and tender.  WIsh we lived nearer the sea and could get fresh fish all the time. We are looking for a new house as the development around us is now with the council for planning permission. Once that is given, the bull dozers will move in and our peace will be shattered.  John is hopeless when it comes to looking for a house. He picks all the VERY expensive ones with 10 bedrooms. It is because he wants the land that goes with big houses. But even if we could afford to buy one, we would not be able to afford to keep it warm and all the other expenses that go with large houses. 

Going to the fishing lake now so that John can practise his casting and Slip can have a run!

February 14th

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!

My lobster arrived this morning:



I have now dressed it and it is ready to eat:



I had a hard time cracking the claws!  In the end I used the handle of a very heavy knife to bash them with!

Some of the Debbie Bliss RIalto DK Print shades have arrived – the rest are delayed, The pattern book has also come too.

Jackson was ill this afternoon. I stupidly gave him a tiny piece of Slip’s pheasant dinner – no bigger than my thumbnail.  As soon as he tried to swallow a piece he had bitten off he started screaming and thrashing around and rolling on the floor. I tried to stroke his throat so as to force the food down and he stuck his front claws into the palm of my hand. DId it hurt!  The piece of pheasant eventually worked its way down and his is OK now. Very subdued but no longer screaming.  

TIme to make some mayonnaise……back tomorrow!

February 12th

Still very cold here but no more snow.

We have found a kennels for Slip – the owner has gun dogs and it seems OK. John spoke to him on the phone and we can go and inspect any time.

Rowan have a new yarn coming in May – a self striping sock yarn.  I have not seen it yet.

Theresa, Maureen, Susan, and Kessa found the 10 yarns in the last word search. Now can they find the 10 Rowan book titles hidden in the square below. Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk by midnight Friday with TItles as the subject please.

H Q T V H G D I I A N F T O U 
F R D I A R A N K N I T S W T 
S L E D A L E S M A N G V A D 
P U E R A R L L F W F T M O X 
U F W Y C J A J J O Q L C D M 
U S T Q F F T A M R U J G W O 
S L C Z P S S L B E C G Z I F 
K D I H D H N U Y L M E K X D 
N X D D E V O L U T I O N H S 
N U R E Z I S W S T S G G B O 
M T O L V P A W B I I I E A F 
D E N I M P E O P L E D M N Y 
Y B C X I H S O O M N N D G I 
M Z Q S E L A C Y K N I T S N 

Help needed urgently!

One of my customers who is not an experienced knitter has knitted a DB jacket with hood for her daughter who is having her first baby next week.  She has knitted the attached hood to th

e front instead of the back.  She lives near me and is coming to see me and hopes that I can rescue it. Any advice very welcome.  Here is a pic




Here is a sneak peek of the new Artesano Definition sock yarn that is due at the end of the month.  It comes in 100g hanks and has been spun for high definition. There will be patterns too and not only socks but also shawls and other accessories.

We woke up to snow this morning but it was slushy and is melting. But it is still very cold. I wish I did not feel the cold so much.

No other real news – rather a dull time of year. I am thinking of ordering a lobster for Valentine’s day….will go and look at prices! Back tomorrow.