March 31st

Happy Easter!

Firstly, here is another Isager shade card. This one shows HIghland Wool ( top row ). this is 100% Lambswool that is spun in Scotland with 305 yards per 50g ball.  The next two rows show Alpaca 2 Ply and Alpaca 1 ply with 500 and 800 meters per 100g skein. These two can be knitted together to make a 3 ply weight.


Now to the contest! Christine, Janet. Maureen, Julie, Touran, Susan, Nancy, Kessa, Lesley, Ann, Jacki and Mary B all unscrambled Easter Eggs. Here is the next question:

You must think of a new word to replace each of the clues. Then drop one letter from each of the new words and re-arrange the remaining letters to form the title of a book that features rabbits.  

Candle material / using few words / short laugh / Apple music player / wedding dress

So, you are looking for 5 new words to replace the ones above…remove one letter from each and re-arrange to form the book title!

Answers to with Rabbits as the title by midnight Wednesday please!

We went for the Chinese meal – I had soft shelled crab and John had butterfly prawns to start with, then I had jumbo prawns in honey and sesame seeds and John had chicken in black bean sauce. It was good – not too much and it did not taste of preservative like Chinese meals often do!

I am cooking beef in red wine at the moment – think I will just sample the wine to make sure it has enough body!  Back tomorrow.

March 30th

Slip has been a very naughty dog!  When we go over to the fishing lake we take a bag of trout pellets to feed the fish with as there is not much natural food about at this time of the year.  Slip loves the  pellets and tries to grab them out of the bag.  

Normally John puts the bag away in a shed when we get home. Yesterday he did not. We went out for a drink last night and left Slip in the back of the Land Rover with a biscuit as we normally do.  Hmm!  When we came back to the Land Rover, the trout pellet bag was overturned and empty!  There must have been at least 2 kgs of pellets in the bag – all eaten by Slip.  She seems no worse for eating them although I did think her coat looked a little scaly this morning!

This is the shade card for the Isager Spinni yarn ( top two rows). Spinni is a one ply yarn that comes in 100g hanks – 610 meters per hank.

The third row shows Tivinni Alpaca on the left and Jensen Yarn on the right. Tivinni Alpaca is 2 ply weight -50% Merino Wool and 50% Alpaca – 550 meters per hank.  Jensen is a 3 ply weight wool yarn – 230 meters per hank.



Tomorrow I will show you another card!

We are going out for a Chinese meal tonight for a change. It is still very cold here and no prospect of much change.  John is postponing any trips to Scotland as it is just too cold to stand waist high in cold water!  Back tomorrow.

March 29th

I am feeling a lot better today – my cold has almost gone. I went to the hairdresser this morning and did some grocery shopping. My car is lovely and, because there was not much traffic, I was able to put my foot down and saw how fast it can go.

I am considering stocking Isager yarns – does anyone have any comments about their range – good or bad!

Emma, who used to be sales director at Rowan, is coming to see me on Thursday of next week. She now works for Sirdar and I am also thinking of stocking their Sublime range. 

Tonight I am cooking a whole dover sole for John ( what an expensive fish! ) and a kipper for myself. Slip has had a trout. 

Going to make some béchamel sauce to go with the sole now!  Back tomorrow.

March 27th

I am feeling a bit better today – my cold is going!

However, I am mad at myself! Last night when I finished knitting I noticed that a cable was crossing the wrong way about 5 rows down. So, this afternoon, I have painstakingly taken it back stitch by stitch  to the error.  I have now re – knitted the row that I thought was wrong and it was correct all the time. The cables switch direction on this row – I was expecting them to go in the same direction as the ones beneath. Ugh! My love affair with cables is wearing thin!

Now to the next contest with a prize of 2 balls of Rowan FIne Lace in the winner’s colour choice.

The words OUR EASTER EGGS can be re-arranged to make the full name of a famous painter – who is it? Answers to with Easter Eggs as subject by midnight Saturday please.

My Artesano yarn has not arrived – it says Delayed at Depot on the tracking information – I shall chase them up.  Back tomorrow.

March 26th

I am still struggling with my cold. John coughed half the night and kept me awake. I was pleased when it was time to get up.

Both Maureen and Susan answered the last question correctly and so I am sending them both a prize! Not telling what!

I am getting some Rowan Denim a bit cheaper than normal……only in Nashville.

I will start a new contest tomorrow. Hopefully I shall feel better by then!