March 1st

I am feeling a little better today.  We went to look at cars for John today – Jaguars. He cannot decide if he wants a Jag or a Mercedes….still dithering!  

I am afraid that the last question in the contest has not produced a winner. The answers were:

Yarn by Income

Calmer Calmer

Calmer Preen

Felted Tweed

Kidsilk Haze

Softknit Cotton

By Quantity Sold

Felted Tweed

Softknit Cotton

Kidsilk Haze

Calmer Preen

Fine Tweed


Both Maureen and Susan only got one right – Softknit Cotton in second place for quantity sold.  At a glance, the statistics look odd.  This is because the Calmer is sold both by the ball and the pack and the system only counts a pack as one and so it skews the results!  

Next question – and it is a hard one – Who is responsible for Adam and Eve, Spiky Leaf, Butterfly Garden and Winchester?  I will give a small clue…it is a female!  Answers to with Female as subject by midnight Monday please.

The new Bergere de France children’s book should come next week along with some of their silk and cashmere – start saving!  Back tomorrow.

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