March 3rd

Phew! What a rush today has been!  

We went to look at cars for John and it took forever. Eventually he decided on one – aMercedes C class 350 estate.  It has done 7,000 miles and is less than a year old.  Then there were reams of paperwork to fill in.  We can collect it tomorrow after lunch.  It was not from our local Mercedes garage but from one that is 25 miles away and nearer London and so the traffic was horrific. I am tempted to look at the SLs!

I have removed the preview of the new Rowan books from my blog as apparently Rowan did not mean for them to be put on YouTube yet!

Neither Susan nor Maureen solved the last question – the answer was they are designs in Annabel Fox’s Wessex Collection.  So another question is needed!

The letters of the name PAUL ROBESON can be rearranged to make two words, each of which names a type of garment (neither of which is ROBE). What are these garments?

Answers to with Paul as subject by midnight Wednesday please!

Now i must get on – I am so far behind!  Back tomorrow.

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