March 13th

I ventured out in my new car today!  It felt very strange and I was bit nervous. It has an eco engine and when you stop at a junction or in traffic, the engine switches off and then when you put your foot on the accelerator again, the engine starts. I worried that it would not start, but it did!

New question for Maureen and Susan.  What are the names of the wooly birds?!!  Answers to with Birds as the title by midnight Friday please.

Here are pics of the new shades of Cocoon for this coming autumn:\



From top to bottom, left to right, they are called Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Venus!

Snowing here at the moment and very cold.   I am off to play with the navigation system in my car now – I can control it by voice but it is somewhat complicated and I need to practise! Back tomorrow.


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