March 15th

Today we went shopping in Cambridge and John bought new pyjamas, socks and pants. It was rainy and cold and I was pleased to get home. 

Yesterday we went to a meeting about the proposed development in the fields around our house. We are definitely going to have to move and it will most probably be within a year. The thought of moving all my yarn is somewhat daunting and I am wondering whether it would be better to have a sale and then start again in the new house.  I shall have to think about it.

Here are three new shades of Felted Tweed Aran that are for this Autumn :Image ImageImage   They are called Flint, Garden and Graphite

And here are the three new shades of Kid Classic:

ImageImageImage They are called Cloudy, Grasshopper and Grape.

Now I must iron and feed Slip and Jackson!  Back tomorrow.




One thought on “March 15th

  1. It isn’t nice moving because you have to do so – rather different if it is from choice. I think you may feel differently once you find somewhere gorgeous to go to, somewhere you’d rather live, somewhere that you actually prefer to your current house.

    I can recommend using a reputable firm of removers and simply engaging them to do the whole lot for you They are so organised, and they just move in and take over, so efficient – they will pack everything up faster than you’d believe humanly possible. The only thing required is to keep self and pets safely out of the way – don’t even put your handbag down or it will be packed into a box and whisked away into the removal van, the second that you turn your back on it!

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