March 16th


Jackson moodily surveys the rain and says that is is hopeless mousing weather!

I have finished my third Felted Tweed cushion cover – here are all three:


Now I need to find my next project. I am leaning towards an aran sweater!  I like cables, there is something satisfying about the symmetry of them.

We are not going out to eat tonight. John wants to watch a game of Rugby at 5.0pm and then we shall go out for a drink and collect an Indian takeaway on our way home.

Maureen and Susan both answered the last question, albeit with different answers! Susan gave me birds from the Rowan Alpaca Chunky range and Maureen gave me ones from the Artesano Hummingbird range – both OK.

Next question : Which is the odd one out of these:  Fox, Cat, Squirrel and Otter? Answers to with Odd One Out as subject by midnight Monday please!

Going to make some Hot Cross Buns now – Slip will help and Jackson will be chief taster! Back tomorrow.


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