March 17th


Jackson has been a bad cat!  I could not find him anywhere – he was not in any of his usual sleeping places.  I gave up and went to take some yarn photos.  There he was, curled up in my yarn basket inside my light cube!

Accident!!  I have cut my thumb on the runner bean slicer. I was pushing a tough bean through and pushed my thumb onto the blades. It does not hurt but it is inconvenient having a plaster on it.

Last night was a disaster! We watched the rugby and then went to the pub. It was packed to the doors and so we did not go in.  The landlord is a rugby fan and half of the village had been to watch the match in the pub and were still there. So we went to another one. After we had drunk half of our bottle of  wine, John said he would phone and order the Indian takeaway. They said there was an hour’s wait!  So we did not order and we came home and had cheese on toast!  

I am cooking roast pork, roast potatoes, runner beans, leeks, carrots and butter beans followed by baked apples stuffed with rhubarb and nuts.  Back tomorrow. 


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