March 21st

Accident!  Jackson woke me up in the night and so I went to let him out and, in my half asleep state, stumbled and hit my foot on the door frame. The toenail on my little toe split down the middle and it and the next toe are navy blue.  It is more comfortable with shoes on than off.  He is a bad cat! He went out just before John came to bed at 11 pm and then he wakes me up at 1 am demanding to go out.  

ImageI have started a new cushion cover. This one is one colour and heavily cabled. In the pattern it has a fabric back but I shall knit one – the thought of sewing fabric fills me with horror!

My Rowan special order might come today but I think tomorrow is more likely.  I will give you some clues as to what is coming. Yarn number one is a summer yarn and the shade is something you might eat at a fair ground.  Yarn number two is a winter yarn and the shade is a type of a certain drink.  Yarn number three is from the same range as number two and the shade is two words…the first word is half of a brand of Vodka and the second word is connected to the Flintstones!

Now I must get lunch and then we are going fishing!  Back tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “March 21st

  1. Ouch – so sorry to read about your toe! Hope it heals quickly without too much trouble.
    Your cushion is going to be lovely. I’d knit a back for the cushion too.
    Poor little Jackson. They depend so much on us. Maybe he needs his own little loo in the laundry. I have one for Chloe – so much easier than getting up in the night.

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