March 23rd

I have a cold.  John has been coughing and spluttering for the last week and now I seem to have caught it too. I am buoyed up with Day Nurse to keep me going!

Snowing here today and bitterly cold. John took me to the hairdresser as I did not want to get my shiny car wet!  

My Rowan special purchases have arrived…..Cotton Glace Candy Floss, Felted  Tweed Chunky Mocha and Felted Tweed Chunky Grey Pebble. Those links will take you to the full packs of 10 balls but I have also got it for sale by the ball.

Both Susan and Maureen go the last question correct. As this contest seems to have lasted for a very long time, I am going to give them one more question and then, if there is no clear winner, I shall send them both consolations prizes and start a new contest.

So, Maureen and Susan – last one!  

The three words on each line all have a connection to another word:

1. Bird – Board – Berry ____________________

2. A Basketball player – A Baby – A Soccer player____________________

3. A Rock Band – Traffic – A Copy Machine____________________

4. A Pirate Ship – A Mailbox – A School____________________

5. A Bomb – A Kiss – A Flower____________________

6. A Waitress – An Iceberg – A Tongue____________________

7. A Potato – A Storm – A Needle____________________

8. Steam – Bird – Bubble____________________

9. Brick – Swiss – Blue____________________

10. Rubber – Gum – Cork____________________

Answers to with words in common as subject by midnight Monday!

One small piece of news!  Rowan Denim is discontinued!  I am rather sad about that as it was a unique yarn.

Going to make some meringues now.  Back tomorrow


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