March 27th

I am feeling a bit better today – my cold is going!

However, I am mad at myself! Last night when I finished knitting I noticed that a cable was crossing the wrong way about 5 rows down. So, this afternoon, I have painstakingly taken it back stitch by stitch  to the error.  I have now re – knitted the row that I thought was wrong and it was correct all the time. The cables switch direction on this row – I was expecting them to go in the same direction as the ones beneath. Ugh! My love affair with cables is wearing thin!

Now to the next contest with a prize of 2 balls of Rowan FIne Lace in the winner’s colour choice.

The words OUR EASTER EGGS can be re-arranged to make the full name of a famous painter – who is it? Answers to with Easter Eggs as subject by midnight Saturday please.

My Artesano yarn has not arrived – it says Delayed at Depot on the tracking information – I shall chase them up.  Back tomorrow.


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