March 29th

I am feeling a lot better today – my cold has almost gone. I went to the hairdresser this morning and did some grocery shopping. My car is lovely and, because there was not much traffic, I was able to put my foot down and saw how fast it can go.

I am considering stocking Isager yarns – does anyone have any comments about their range – good or bad!

Emma, who used to be sales director at Rowan, is coming to see me on Thursday of next week. She now works for Sirdar and I am also thinking of stocking their Sublime range. 

Tonight I am cooking a whole dover sole for John ( what an expensive fish! ) and a kipper for myself. Slip has had a trout. 

Going to make some béchamel sauce to go with the sole now!  Back tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “March 29th

  1. I’ve used the Isager Strik Spinni wool 1 as well as the Isager Strik Alpaca 2. They are both really beautiful yarns to knit with. The Amimono Knit Collection has some lovely projects in it for this yarn (especially the pattern “lemon” which i’m planning on knitting soon)

  2. I would absolutely love it if you were to become an Isager stockist. Marianne Isager designs such wonderful things and I have never had the opportunity to knit with any of her yarns. So sorry to hear the news about Rowan Denim though.

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