March 31st

Happy Easter!

Firstly, here is another Isager shade card. This one shows HIghland Wool ( top row ). this is 100% Lambswool that is spun in Scotland with 305 yards per 50g ball.  The next two rows show Alpaca 2 Ply and Alpaca 1 ply with 500 and 800 meters per 100g skein. These two can be knitted together to make a 3 ply weight.


Now to the contest! Christine, Janet. Maureen, Julie, Touran, Susan, Nancy, Kessa, Lesley, Ann, Jacki and Mary B all unscrambled Easter Eggs. Here is the next question:

You must think of a new word to replace each of the clues. Then drop one letter from each of the new words and re-arrange the remaining letters to form the title of a book that features rabbits.  

Candle material / using few words / short laugh / Apple music player / wedding dress

So, you are looking for 5 new words to replace the ones above…remove one letter from each and re-arrange to form the book title!

Answers to with Rabbits as the title by midnight Wednesday please!

We went for the Chinese meal – I had soft shelled crab and John had butterfly prawns to start with, then I had jumbo prawns in honey and sesame seeds and John had chicken in black bean sauce. It was good – not too much and it did not taste of preservative like Chinese meals often do!

I am cooking beef in red wine at the moment – think I will just sample the wine to make sure it has enough body!  Back tomorrow.


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