March 21st

Accident!  Jackson woke me up in the night and so I went to let him out and, in my half asleep state, stumbled and hit my foot on the door frame. The toenail on my little toe split down the middle and it and the next toe are navy blue.  It is more comfortable with shoes on than off.  He is a bad cat! He went out just before John came to bed at 11 pm and then he wakes me up at 1 am demanding to go out.  

ImageI have started a new cushion cover. This one is one colour and heavily cabled. In the pattern it has a fabric back but I shall knit one – the thought of sewing fabric fills me with horror!

My Rowan special order might come today but I think tomorrow is more likely.  I will give you some clues as to what is coming. Yarn number one is a summer yarn and the shade is something you might eat at a fair ground.  Yarn number two is a winter yarn and the shade is a type of a certain drink.  Yarn number three is from the same range as number two and the shade is two words…the first word is half of a brand of Vodka and the second word is connected to the Flintstones!

Now I must get lunch and then we are going fishing!  Back tomorrow.




March 20th

Sorry I was absent yesterday!  The Artesano rep came and I got behind.

I have a special offer on the way to me from Rowan – three yarns at VERY good prices!  They should be here by Friday.  Two are winter yarns and one is a summer one.

Neither Maureen nor Susan answered the last question correctly. The odd one out was Fox, all the other animals young are called kittens and a fox has cubs.

Here is the next puzzle – unscramble the words to make food or drinks. Answers to by midnight Friday please with Scramble as the subject.

EAT (3)
I am going to make a vegetable Biryani for dinner now!  Back tomorrow.

March 18th

A snippet of news for you!  Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK is being discontinued with Rialto DK filling its place. There are only a few shades left at the distributors and, when they are gone, that is it!

I am starting a new cushion today – a cabled one.  I think this will be the last one unless I make some big floor cushions. But I think that Slip and Jackson would soon trash them.

Cold and grey here today. John may be going fishing tomorrow with Kevin.  I have the Artesano rep coming.  I am expecting another delivery of Superior this week.

Nothing else to report – rather a dull time of year!

March 17th


Jackson has been a bad cat!  I could not find him anywhere – he was not in any of his usual sleeping places.  I gave up and went to take some yarn photos.  There he was, curled up in my yarn basket inside my light cube!

Accident!!  I have cut my thumb on the runner bean slicer. I was pushing a tough bean through and pushed my thumb onto the blades. It does not hurt but it is inconvenient having a plaster on it.

Last night was a disaster! We watched the rugby and then went to the pub. It was packed to the doors and so we did not go in.  The landlord is a rugby fan and half of the village had been to watch the match in the pub and were still there. So we went to another one. After we had drunk half of our bottle of  wine, John said he would phone and order the Indian takeaway. They said there was an hour’s wait!  So we did not order and we came home and had cheese on toast!  

I am cooking roast pork, roast potatoes, runner beans, leeks, carrots and butter beans followed by baked apples stuffed with rhubarb and nuts.  Back tomorrow. 

March 16th


Jackson moodily surveys the rain and says that is is hopeless mousing weather!

I have finished my third Felted Tweed cushion cover – here are all three:


Now I need to find my next project. I am leaning towards an aran sweater!  I like cables, there is something satisfying about the symmetry of them.

We are not going out to eat tonight. John wants to watch a game of Rugby at 5.0pm and then we shall go out for a drink and collect an Indian takeaway on our way home.

Maureen and Susan both answered the last question, albeit with different answers! Susan gave me birds from the Rowan Alpaca Chunky range and Maureen gave me ones from the Artesano Hummingbird range – both OK.

Next question : Which is the odd one out of these:  Fox, Cat, Squirrel and Otter? Answers to with Odd One Out as subject by midnight Monday please!

Going to make some Hot Cross Buns now – Slip will help and Jackson will be chief taster! Back tomorrow.

March 15th

Today we went shopping in Cambridge and John bought new pyjamas, socks and pants. It was rainy and cold and I was pleased to get home. 

Yesterday we went to a meeting about the proposed development in the fields around our house. We are definitely going to have to move and it will most probably be within a year. The thought of moving all my yarn is somewhat daunting and I am wondering whether it would be better to have a sale and then start again in the new house.  I shall have to think about it.

Here are three new shades of Felted Tweed Aran that are for this Autumn :Image ImageImage   They are called Flint, Garden and Graphite

And here are the three new shades of Kid Classic:

ImageImageImage They are called Cloudy, Grasshopper and Grape.

Now I must iron and feed Slip and Jackson!  Back tomorrow.



March 13th

I ventured out in my new car today!  It felt very strange and I was bit nervous. It has an eco engine and when you stop at a junction or in traffic, the engine switches off and then when you put your foot on the accelerator again, the engine starts. I worried that it would not start, but it did!

New question for Maureen and Susan.  What are the names of the wooly birds?!!  Answers to with Birds as the title by midnight Friday please.

Here are pics of the new shades of Cocoon for this coming autumn:\



From top to bottom, left to right, they are called Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Venus!

Snowing here at the moment and very cold.   I am off to play with the navigation system in my car now – I can control it by voice but it is somewhat complicated and I need to practise! Back tomorrow.