March 11th

Hurrah!   The power is back on and we are thawing out!  We were going to go out to get something to eat but there is no need now!

Here is a preview of the two new shades of KSH that are coming this Autumn:




Blustery                                         Tornado

And for Felted Tweed we have:








Frozen, Hedgerow and Tawny.

I will show some others tomorrow.  Must go and warm my hands up!




March 11th

Ugh! We have no power. No Internet , no oven…..nothing. And we have snow.

I am writing this on my iPhone which will soon run out of charge

I have some new things to show you. I will post again as soon as the power is restored.

March 9th

Cold and grey here again today. I have been to the hairdresser and done grocery shopping. RIght now I am pressing the pieces of my cushion cover before struggling to sew it up!

We are not going out to eat. John is having a cheese soufflé and I am having an escallop of veal. Then we shall go out for a drink.

Maureen and Susan both unravelled the cities. Here is their next puzzle:

Use the following letters to complete the square so that three other words can be read downwards and across.

B  E  E  N  N  O  O  O  S


Answers to with Pony as subject by midnight Monday please.

I have found some old DB Tweed yarn that I am going to put in my shop tomorrow at a VERY good price – stand by!

March 8th

Sorry not to have written much lately.  I have been busy changing the insurance for our new cars etc.  I think mine will be ready for collection on Monday. 

We had planned to go to Cambridge today as John wanted some new clothes and I wanted bath mats and new towels, but it is very foggy here and John did not want to run the risk of someone running into his new car and so we did not go!

We have now found an alternative for Slip for when we go on holiday. I had my car cleaned yesterday by Mark who lives next door. He is the son of Julie and Domenic who are divorced. Domenic still lives next door and Julie has a house about half a mile away. I asked Mark how Julie was and he told me that she has given up work and now walks dogs for people and has dogs to stay when people go on holiday.  She has not got kennels – the dogs just live indoors with her and her dog.  

Julie and I were very close at one time until the divorce and then we somehow lost touch. But I am going to call her and ask if she will take Slip as John would prefer that.  Jackson will be fine in the cattery – I think that dogs are more sensitive about being left.

No yarn news – I am still waiting for the Artesano sock.  Sometimes I think that there are too many yarns – I think there should be core yarns such as Lace, 4 Ply, DK, Aran and Chunky. These should come in pure wool in plain shades, tweed shades, sparkle shades for the lace yarns.  The same for a range of cotton yarns.  Then, instead of introducing new yarns that only last a season, the producers could introduce new shades of these core ranges.

If you think about it, there are very few yarns that have been introduced in the last five years that have stood the test of time.  Debbie Bliss Rialto has, Rowan Tweed has, but there are many,many more that have vanished.

Time to get off my soap box and make some bread! Back tomorrow.

March 6th

Sorry – we have been buying cars!  Yesterday we went to collect John’s new Mercedes and I somehow ended up buying this:



It is a SLK 350 AMG Sport with a foldaway glass roof.  It is 3 months old and has done 3,000 miles. It was a director’s car and has all the bells and whistles! The  interior is pale grey leather with red stitching.  I should not have been tempted but I was.  I have not got it yet…maybe Saturday.  John is pleased with his Estate and is currently trying to learn how to speak to it and give it verbal instructions.

Maureen and Susan both answered the last question correctly. Since neither of them live in Europe, the next question is fair.  Can you unscramble these words to make the names of European cities?  Answers to with Cities as subject by Midnight Friday please.





























March 3rd

Phew! What a rush today has been!  

We went to look at cars for John and it took forever. Eventually he decided on one – aMercedes C class 350 estate.  It has done 7,000 miles and is less than a year old.  Then there were reams of paperwork to fill in.  We can collect it tomorrow after lunch.  It was not from our local Mercedes garage but from one that is 25 miles away and nearer London and so the traffic was horrific. I am tempted to look at the SLs!

I have removed the preview of the new Rowan books from my blog as apparently Rowan did not mean for them to be put on YouTube yet!

Neither Susan nor Maureen solved the last question – the answer was they are designs in Annabel Fox’s Wessex Collection.  So another question is needed!

The letters of the name PAUL ROBESON can be rearranged to make two words, each of which names a type of garment (neither of which is ROBE). What are these garments?

Answers to with Paul as subject by midnight Wednesday please!

Now i must get on – I am so far behind!  Back tomorrow.

March 1st

I am feeling a little better today.  We went to look at cars for John today – Jaguars. He cannot decide if he wants a Jag or a Mercedes….still dithering!  

I am afraid that the last question in the contest has not produced a winner. The answers were:

Yarn by Income

Calmer Calmer

Calmer Preen

Felted Tweed

Kidsilk Haze

Softknit Cotton

By Quantity Sold

Felted Tweed

Softknit Cotton

Kidsilk Haze

Calmer Preen

Fine Tweed


Both Maureen and Susan only got one right – Softknit Cotton in second place for quantity sold.  At a glance, the statistics look odd.  This is because the Calmer is sold both by the ball and the pack and the system only counts a pack as one and so it skews the results!  

Next question – and it is a hard one – Who is responsible for Adam and Eve, Spiky Leaf, Butterfly Garden and Winchester?  I will give a small clue…it is a female!  Answers to with Female as subject by midnight Monday please.

The new Bergere de France children’s book should come next week along with some of their silk and cashmere – start saving!  Back tomorrow.