April 27th

Jackson is still staying out for long periods – 12 hours plus – but I am no longer worried about him. He turns up like the proverbial bad penny.

Tonight we are going to Browns in Cambridge. Lots of cocktails available!  I think I shall try something different and not have my usual Margaritas.  I quite fancy the Marzipan Bellini.

John is getting ready for Ireland. His flight is at 7.30 am on Tuesday and so we shall have to be at the airport by 6.15 at the latest. Then I have the horrid drive back. I shall do the de-tour through the countryside so that I do not have to face the gigantic roundabout.

Maureen, Kessa, Jacki, Joan, Theresa, Janet and Anne all gave the correct answer to the currency question – Mexican Pesos.

Now this question is a bit harder.  All the words in the list below have something in common and it is to do with meaning – what is the common factor?







Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Meaning as subject by midnight Tuesday please.

Now I must give Slip her dinner – she is pestering and nudging my legs!  Back tomorrow.


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