April 30th

John has gone!  We went to the airport at 5.45am – he drove there and then I had to drive back. Problems started as soon as I got to the car park exit. You have to pay £2.- to drop someone off. I had my two coins ready and dropped them into the chute. Nothing happened – the barrier did not lift up. What to do? No man in attendance and a queue of cars rapidly building behind me.  I had a credit card with me and so decided to try to use that.  There was a piece of paper in the slot and so I pulled it out. Hey presto!  I heard my coins drop into the machine and the barrier lifted. Someone must have left their receipt in the slot and so the machine would not accept a new customer until I had  removed the piece of paper.

By this time I am flustered and so took the scenic route home. There was very little traffic and it was OK. Steve has said he will collect John on Saturday and so my worries are over.  However, I have applied to have two confidence boosting driving lessons. The AA do this for free if they think you are a suitable candidate. I have filled the form in and am waiting to hear.

I can see that my Rowan FIne Art Sock Yarn has been packed in Germany as it says Completed alongside the items and then it says Order in Progress which means it is being despatched. I should have it this week.

Now I must walk Slip before the postman arrives, Back tomorrow.


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