April 22nd

It is now 9.15 pm and still no Jackson. John and I have walked miles looking for him. Along all the hedges and ditches but to no avail.

John says he could have been killed and eaten by a badger or fox. I don’t buy that. I am more worried that someone has taken him and they won’t know that he can’t eat cat food and he will be ill.

If he is not back in the morning, I will call the local vet. He is micro-chipped.

I keep thinking I can hear his bell……but I am imagining it.

Going to have a glass of wine and try to be positive.

More as soon as there is any news.


April 22nd

Jackson is missing. He went out at 9 last night and has not come back . It is now 2.30 here. I am not unduly worried but I shall be concerned if he is not back by 6 pm.  I expect he is sitting by a rabbit hole somewhere but the thought that he could have got hooked up by his collar flits across my mind.  His collar is the type that snaps open if pressure is put on it so, in theory, he would be able to get free.

John has booked to go to Ireland on April 30th for 4 nights. I don’t really mind – I can have big deliveries whilst he is away!

I have nearly finished the back of my cable cushion cover – I think I shall knit a denim one next.

Oh! We spoke to Robert today and it turns out that the red wool is not for him at all but for a fly tyer in Iceland!  This man is going to contact me and I have to send it to him.  Honestly, all that worry about finding it because we thought Robert wanted it and it turns out to be a stranger!

Going to go out and see if I can summon Jackson with the whistle – he usually does come if we blow Slip’s whistle – three short sharp pips!  I will post again when he comes.

April 20th

Good news!  I have found a match for the red wool!  I had a look on a market stall when I went shopping this morning.  This stall sells horrid cheap wool but there was some that is a perfect match. Only £1 for a 100g ball.  Job done!

Joan, Jacki, Julie, Janet, Kessa, Anne, Maureen and Theresa all solver the ladder! Time for something fishy : 

Dave the fisherman catches 345 kilograms of whitebait. He sells them to Mr Salmon the fishmonger. Mr Salmon divides them into 500g and 2kg packs. If Mr. Salmon uses the same number of 2kg packets as 500g packets, how many packets did he use altogether?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Mr. Salmon as subject by midnight Monday please!

We are not eating out tonight – I am cooking battered haddock strips and soft shell crabs – that means another messy cooker.  

Lovely warm day here – we have been sitting in the garden and eating ice cream. Back tomorrow.

April 19th

Jackson has been a bad boy.  He has caught and killed a robin. I have bought a large bell – I had to buy a ladder for a parrot’s cage that had the bell attached as that was the only large one I could find.  He also caught a rabbit the same night.  He did eat the rabbit’s head but did not consume any robin.

Last night we went to Grill 55 as it was fish and cocktails night!  We did not fancy any of the fish – sword fish, hake, sea bream and tuna – and so I had crispy chilli beef which was so hot that it made my mouth feel on fire. John had smokies in a cheese sauce to start with. Then I had a rack of ribs. I expected them to be pork but they were beef and tasted very “beefy”. John had a steak.  I did not enjoy the food this time as much as the last visit but I had two Margaritas which were lovely!

A pair of long tailed tits are building a nest in the hedge outside my office window. They come and collect cobwebs off the window frame, I can hear them tapping against the glass as they dislodge the cobwebs.

Nothing much else to report – but a pile of ironing awaits!

April 17th.

John went fishing yesterday with Slip and caught a 5 lb trout. It is now in pieces in the freezer and will do Slip for several meals.

At last Kidsilk Haze Stripe Flaming  has arrived. It has been on order for ages.


Now for the contest.  Correct answers were received from Jacki, Joan, Kessa Julie, Theresa, Mary, Anne Janet and Maureen……if I have left anyone out, just yell!

Turn a Horse into a Tiger


Change one letter at a time.  Here are some clues but they are not in the correct order!
Measuring device
Deep ravine
Becomes weary
Strong Suit
Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Ladder as the subject by midnight Friday please!
Now I must dash – the postman cometh!

April 15th

Jackson caught his first rabbit of the season in the night. We found it on the drive – he had eaten the head!  I have had to flea comb him as his ears were twitching.  It was a very small rabbit but he was immensely proud of it!

One of the long delayed shades of Debbie Bliss Rialto Prints arrived today – number #03 – Verona. There are still two more shades to come.

Thanks to everyone who has suggested red wool.  I am sending a snippet to Emma at Sirdar and she will try to match it up –  they seem to have a lot of bright vivid reds.

I think John is planning an Irish trip as he is online getting hire car insurance. It is cheaper to do it annually rather than with the car hire company and also saves masses of form filling at the airport.

Nothing much else to report – I am cooking linguini with crab meat for dinner – I love crab! Back tomorrow.

April 14th

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who sent me the pattern for the cabled edge for my cushion!  Much appreciated!  Now I have another thing that I need help with.

John has really landed me in an awkward position. He told Robert, a friend who lives in Ireland and ties fishing flies professionally, that I could supply him with red wool which he uses in his flies. Robert has sent me a piece of the wool along with lots of flies for John as a thank you!  I have no wool that is remotely like the sample. I think it is actually acrylic and it is a bright florescent red.  To make matters worse, Robert has sent me a text saying that the managing director of a big fly tying company in Thailand will be telephoning me to order supplies of it!!  Here is a pic of the sample:


Does anyone know of any red florescent wool?!!  I am not aiming to supply the man in Thailand but would like to get some for Robert.  I would say it is DK weight and it is plied.

Now to the contest. I am sorry it was not all that clear. However, Mary, Maureen, Theresa, Joan, Anne, Kessa, Julie, Janet and Jacki all worked it out. If I have omitted anyone, please email me.

Now to a fruity puzzle



The four islands in the Tropicana group each produce a different type of fruit.
Can you match each island name with the type of fruit produced, the island
population (293, 305, 328, 402) and its location (A-D) in the chain?
1. The Kolahani islanders inhabit the island west of but not immediately
next to Holahu island. Holahu doesn’t produce bananas or pineapples
and has a higher population than Wahani island.
2. Molaku island isn’t the one with a population of 293, nor is it the one
immediately next to the island with a population of 293.
3. The islanders who grow bananas inhabit the island east of but not
immediately next to the island of Kolahani.
4. The island at location D isn’t the one with the highest population.
5. Molaku island (which isn’t the one at location B) is the next island due
west of the one where papaya fruit is grown.
6. The islanders who grow coconuts don’t inhabit the island immediately
next to the one where bananas are grown.
Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Fruits as the subject by midnight Tuesday please!
Today I am cooking roast pork with roast potatoes, roast onions, parsnips, cauliflower in cheese sauce and peas followed by baked apples stuffed with ginger and marmalade.  Not too taxing to do!  Time to make the cheese sauce!  Back tomorrow.