May 24th

Today it has been wet and cold – we lit the wood burning fire as it is so dull and depressing. We might as well be warm whilst being miserable!

Jackson caught a rabbit this morning. He was outside the bedroom window with it when we got up. We watched him and he plucked the fur off the head with his claws and then ate it! John went and took it from him as we thought it might upset his digestion.  

Artesano are going to import some luxury yarns from the US. They come in 5 weights from 1 – 5 ply, silk, cashmere and mohair or blends of those three fibres, they can be solid, tonal, multi-coloured, plain, beaded, sequinned or glittered and there are zillions of shades.

It is gorgeous BUT it is expensive ranging from $30 – $89 a skein depending on fibre and if it is beaded etc. 

It will be to order only and I have to order a minimum of 2 skeins of one colour. They can be different fibres or beaded or one beaded, one unbeaded.  It is the shade that counts.  The fine weights have 500 yards per skein and so ample for a shawl.  The prices are the same for each type of fibre regardless of weight – you just get less per skein the heavier the yarn gets.

Here is a pic of some of the shades:

ImageSo would you spend that much on a single skein?  Back tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “May 24th

  1. That’s quite expanse for a single skein, especially the heavy ones. Personally I don’t think I would spend that much for a single skein.

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