May 30th



This is a mini skein of Manos del Uruguay Serena in Lily Pad.  We will have a quick contest!

Below is a list of my 5 best selling yarns by revenue in April…the first person to put them in the correct order ( best seller first, second best second and so on ) will win the skein. You are  not looking for quantity but rather for income. Here we go:

Rowan Kid Classic

Rowan Denim

Filatura di Crosa Superior Plum

Felted Tweed Chunky Grey Pebble Packs

Filatura di Crosa Superior Terracotta

Answers to with mini skein as subject.

I realise that some of you are not in the UK and are hardly out of bed as I write and so answers are not to be submitted until 7 pm UK time today. Any sent before that time will not count.

Raining yet again. It is so depressing. John’s gout is better but he now has toothache and the dentist is on holiday until Monday.  Oh for a fit and healthy husband!

I am going to cook a trout for Slip’s dinner now. She is moulting and shedding fur everywhere. Jackson is in his hammock sleeping the day away.  Back tomorrow.




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