May 20th

Diane Armstrong was the first person to correctly identify the “new” Louisa Harding yarn Akiko as being Thistle!  I am sending her the free ball today.

Yesterday we went out to lunch but did not go to Alec’s as it is a long drive and John’s foot was too swollen to put shoes on and so we went to Grill 55 which is local.  I had salt and pepper squid to start and then mussels in white wine and cream and John had mushroom soup followed by roast beef.  We then came home and sat in the garden with a bottle of white wine – it was warm enough to sit outside for once.

Today John and Steve have gone fishing in a boat and so Slip is here with me. 

The Bergere de France rep came today.  The new Bergere pattern book for Autumn is gorgeous. It has 167 designs as, rather than do several individual books, they have combined men, women and children in one bumper book.  There are several new ones as well as new shades in both silk and cashmere.

I am expecting Kim Hargreaves Spirit to arrive any day this week. Also some Easy Knits Deeply Wicked both DK and 4 Ply. Ooh, and some Manos del Uruguay sock yarns!  Never a dull moment.

Now I must go and tie up my sacks before the postman arrives! Back tomorrow.


May 18th

Sorry I did not write yesterday. It was a hectic day and I was tired by the time I had finished.

There are three new yarns for Autumn from Louisa:

ImageThis is Luzia. It is a fur style yarn. John has stolen my sample ball and is using it for fly tying – hence no ball band.  There is also a pattern book called Luzia. This is one of the designs:

ImageIt is an expensive yarn retailing at $22.60 a ball. I do not like it very much and think it will not be a stayer!

ImageThis is Grace Harmonies which is a variegated Grace. There is a book for this which also has designs for all the other members of the Grace family.

ImageThis is the third new yarn, Akiko.  In fact it is not new at all! It was called something else and then discontinued and now has been resurrected as Akiko. First person to email me its former name can have my sample ball!  There is  a book for it.

Louisa also has three more books : Amitelle for Amitola and Orielle, Daisy Lea which takes 12 designs from Little Cake and reworks them in Akiko and Knits from an English Rose which is a hardback book and contains designs using several different yarns.

Jacki, Janet and Kessa all answered the last question correctly. Here we go again:

Where would you find two sorts of rose along with a nut, a fruit and an ocean?!

Answers to with I found them as the subject by midnight Tuesday please.

We have changed our dining plans. As our anniversary is not until tomorrow, we have decided to go out for lunch then rather than dinner tonight.  It will make a change from cooking on a Sunday for me.

We are taking Slip over to the fishing lake for a swim now!  Back tomorrow.


May 16th

My back is a little easier today. Just as well as John has bought a gazebo to put the barbecue and garden furniture under and I had to help erect it. It was a devil – it sort of concertinas out and then you have to fit the roof and walls over the frame. It took ages but is now in place!

I bought a new dress on-line today:


I hope it will fit Ok – always a bit of a gamble!

These are two new Noro yarns for Autumn:



The first one is Cyochin. It is 86% wool, 7% mohair and 7% silk and is aran weight. It comes in 100g hanks.

The second one is Obi. it is 55% wool, 35% silk and 10% mohair and is also aran weight. This one is in 100g balls.  I think they will be interchangeable as far as patterns go. There is a new book to accompany them called Sweet Winter.  

There is also a third new yarn that I do not have a sample of. it is called Shiro and is classed as a luxury DK weight and is a blend of cashmere/wool/silk.  I have ordered some of this one as I liked it best of the three,

Tomorrow I will unveil Louisa Harding’s new offerings. Back then.


May 15th



This is Debbie Bliss Milano – new for Autumn / WInter 2013. It is a tweed style aran weight yarn made up of 40% wool, 28% nylon, 18% silk, 8% polyester and 6% acrylic.  Personally, I was not enamoured – here is a jacket knitted in it:



There is a supporting pattern book with 12 designs.

The other new yarn from Debbie is Blue Faced Leicester DK

ImageThere is also a book for this.

Then there are new shades in Baby Cashmerino, Cashmerino Aran, Rialto DK, Aran and Chunky, Paloma, Riva and WInter Garden.  Tomorrow I will  unveil the new Noro.

For those of you who are waiting for Rialto Prints in Venice, there has been a problem with the dying of the yarn and there is no definite date for delivery as yet.

I have a bad back – so bad that I have had to cancel my driving lesson tomorrow. I can hardly walk and I certainly would not be able to get into my low car and so I have postponed the lesson until next Wednesday.  What with John’s foot and my back, we are like the walking wounded.

I omitted Janet from the contest yesterday – sorry!  

Going to hobble to my packing shed now – back tomorrow.


May 14th

John’s gout is no better. He has been reading about suitable diets on the internet. However, the advice is very varied – some say no strawberries, others say strawberries are OK, some say no cheese, others approve of it!  I think it is different for every person and also that certain foods in combination might trigger an attack.  

It is our wedding anniversary on Sunday and so we are going here for a meal on Saturday night. I am tempted by the soft shell crab followed by the jumbo split prawns!!  

Jacki and Kessa both answered the cryptogram question correctly – no answer from Janet or have I lost it?

Next question:

Think of a nine-letter word that names a type of primitive weapon. Remove every second letter from this word starting with the second letter, and the remaining five letters will spell something you do before shooting a weapon.

Answers to by midnight Friday with weapons as subject.

Ian from DesignerYarns is coming tomorrow.  I will try to find out what is being discontinued and see if there are any bargains to be had!  

Jackson caught a rabbit in the night and ate the head leaving just the eyes!  Slip soon slurped them down! I shall be pleased when the rabbit season is over – they are both obsessed with them.

Back tomorrow.

May 13th

I have bought another pair of sandals!!



I ordered them on line and went to collect them from a local branch of the shop today. The sales lady said that if I bought the matching bag, there was £10 off.  So, never one to pass a bargain by, I bought the bag too…it will do for the beach in Barbados!



John has gone fishing for the day.  His foot is still very swollen and angry looking but he was determined to go.  He has just telephoned to say he has had to stop wading as it hurt too much and is now fishing from the bank.  Slip has not gone – she is sitting beside me waiting for me to dish up her sausages for dinner.

Some Rowan buttons arrived today.  Rowan no longer sell buttons direct but the buttons used in their patterns are obtainable from a haberdashery shop in Wales.  

Nothing else to report at the moment!  Back tomorrow.

May 11th

I went to the hairdresser today and have had my hair cut a lot shorter – the bottom of my bob is now level with the bottom of my ear. It is easier to manage at this length.

John still has the gout. He can manage it with painkillers but that is not the real answer. We do not know what has caused this attack.  I am just hoping he does not get one when we are due to go to Barbados.  If he does, one of you will have to come with me!

Jacki, Janet and Kessa all answered the last puzzle. Here is a cryptogram for you:

Yx’t zex xqp tyvp eu xqp les yz xqp uysqx, yx’t xqp tyvp eu xqp uysqx yz xqp les

Answers to with Crypto as subject by midnight Monday please.

Nothing much else to report.  Jackson has been busy rabbiting and Slip spends ages looking for his catches.  I think she can smell them.  She always sniffs him from head to toe when he returns from one of his expeditions and, if the signs are good, rushes off into the bushes hunting!  Back tomorrow.