June 30th




ImageImageTodays photos are of the new shades of Kureyon and Silk Garden that are due next month.

Jacki and Kessa both answered the last question correctly. Next one : If you add a builder to a car repairer, what is the total?  Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Total as subject by midnight Tuesday please.

Now, about my holiday.  We have booked to go to Couples Barbados. The Couples brand took over an existing hotel in Barbados in February and said that it would change to Couples Barbados on June 15th.  As we like their hotels in Jamaica very much, I booked for mid August as that is a good time for John as the fishing is over and the shooting has not started.

I have been eagerly awaiting the first reviews and they are now on Trip Advisor.  As you will see, they are terrible!  I telephoned my travel agent and she said that one of their sales staff is going to stay in the hotel on July 8th and will give me an honest opinion when she returns.If it is not good, we can cancel the hotel and go to another one but it will have to be Barbados as we cannot change the flight.  So, I shall have to wait until I hear more but it is rather worrying. John hates slow service and will be grumbling all the time if he has to wait for ages for his food or drink!

There is a strange fishy smell in the kitchen – I shall have to track it down.  I think I may have dropped a prawn somewhere!  Back tomorrow.

June 29th

Just a quickie as I am doing this on my iPhone and it is fiddly.

Jackson is in serious trouble. This morning when I opened the patio door he was sitting there with a dead baby robin. John was right behind me so I had no chance to stuff it down my jeans! I did say that the robin might have just had a heart attack and dropped beside Jackson.

Then he further blotted his copy book this afternoon.

Slip was asleep on the lawn in the sun and Jackson jumped on her, she ran off with Jackson in hot pursuit. Jackson caught up and jumped and sunk his claws into Slip’s rear end. We were sitting in the garden and John threw a newspaper and Jackson let go. Slip is not injured but Jackson has a lot of fences to mend as far as John is concerned.

Jackson can be very wild. He gets a look in his eyes and he is completely different from the cat who cuddles up and rubs his cheek against mine. If I were to be asked if I would trust him with a baby, I would have to say no. But I would not part with him in exchange for a lorry load of free Kidsilk Haze!

The hotel we are going to in Barbados is getting very bad reviews on Trip Advisor….rather worrying. I will explain more tomorrow.

Please tell me if you find things about my life boring…..would you rather I only write about yarn?

June 28th

Sorry I did not write yesterday. I have been having trouble with one of my hands. I have something called Dupuytren’s contracture in my hands. Basically it means that nodules have developed on the connective tissue in my hands. They are little bumps on the palm side of the hands.  I have had them for a long time but now the ones on my left hand are much bigger and I have difficulty in straightening my ring finger on that hand. It is also painful to grip anything. My father had this.  Hopefully, it will settle down as it has not been much trouble in the past.

Here is the latest shade card for Louisa’s Sari Ribbon


ImageAs you can see, there are eight new shades. I do like Sari Ribbon because it is so pretty but don’t think I would ever knit with it!  

Wet here again- I have booked a spray tan for the day before we go to Barbados – no chance of getting a real one!  Back tomorrow.


June 26th

Today has been rather hectic. John decided to go fishing and so I had to rustle up a picnic at one minute’s notice.

Then the Sirdar / Sublime rep came today.  There was one new yarn that caught my eye : Sublime Luxurious Aran Tweed. It is made from babyl llama, merino dk and cotton. There are eight shades – all quite subtle. It has a dry feel to it and is very soft. Here are some pics:



Jacki and Kessa both solved the puzzle – here is another one for them.

The phrase MAFIA DON’S JINGLE can be rearranged to make the full name of a man who was associated with organized crime. Who is this man?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Crime as subject by midnight Saturday please.

Got to walk Slip now and then start dinner for John’s return – monkfish stuffed with ginger and garlic with a tomato and coconut sauce!  Back tomorrow.

June 25th

Today has been a hassle.  Last week I received a telephone call telling me that my Blackberry contract has less than a month to run and would I like some cash back or a new phone.  I said a new Blackberry. The caller said he would check tariffs and, after doing so, said he had found a cheaper tariff with another company and would I like to switch. Yes, I said and , to cut a long story short, the new Blackberry has arrived and the new contract is due to start on Thursday.

This afternoon I called the company who I have the old contract with to cancel it. To my horror, they said it has 6 months to run and I would have to pay it off.  I was not happy and so rang the company who first called me.  After some prevarication, they have agreed to pay the old contract off.  It has wasted nearly all the afternoon sorting this out.

The whole problem arose because the first caller assumed I was on a 12 month contract when in fact I am on an 18 month one which expires in December.

All the new Rowan yarns and books will arrive together on or around 15th July. That is definite.  Debbie Bliss and Noro usually come in bits and pieces. So at least I shall not have it all arriving en masse.

Jackson has been a bad cat.  He has managed to climb onto the top of the gazebo roof and has punctured the fabric!  Quite how he got up there I do not know! At the moment he is sitting in the walnut tree hoping for a passing bird to land on a branch!

Back tomorrow.

June 23rd

Just a quickie as I am a bit behind!

We went to Browns last night. Almost a disaster.  I had booked on line for 7.0pm.  When we arrived they could find no trace of our booking. The place was heaving. John triumphantly pulled out his phone where there was a confirmation of the booking. Oh, no! I had booked for 1700 hours instead of 1900!  We were 2 hours late.   They were very nice about it and managed to squeeze us in.  I had crab and avocado followed by crab and prawn linguini – not the easiest thing to eat in a ladylike fashion.  I had a Grapefruit Mule to drink. This was grapefruit flavoured vodka with cranberry juice, lime and ginger. It was sharp but i like sharp drinks.

Jackson came back with a rabbit this morning and hid in the bushes with it. He just ate the neck portion. Slip tried to get it away from him but Jackson growled and hissed and she backed off.

Now I must get on with lunch – back tomorrow

June 22nd

My back is much better and I can move at my usual lightning speed!  The weather has returned to its usual grey self with no sun.

Todays photo is of the Rowan Thick and Thin shade card.  I do not like this but that is just my opinion, maybe it will appeal to you!



Tonight we are going to Browns in Cambridge for dinner. Tomorrow it is roast beef and apple pie!

Jacki and Kessa both answered the last question correctly – they were five designs from the Rowan 53 Essentials collection. Next question is a non knitting one:

Think of a two-word phrase that means “flows across,” as the ocean surf does to the sand on the beach. The letters in this phrase can be rearranged to make two five-letter words, one of them naming the ocean features responsible for this flowing action and the other naming the place where it occurs. What are the phrase and the two words?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Ocean as the subject. Send by midnight Tuesday please.

Going to make pastry now – back tomorrow.