June 22nd

My back is much better and I can move at my usual lightning speed!  The weather has returned to its usual grey self with no sun.

Todays photo is of the Rowan Thick and Thin shade card.  I do not like this but that is just my opinion, maybe it will appeal to you!



Tonight we are going to Browns in Cambridge for dinner. Tomorrow it is roast beef and apple pie!

Jacki and Kessa both answered the last question correctly – they were five designs from the Rowan 53 Essentials collection. Next question is a non knitting one:

Think of a two-word phrase that means “flows across,” as the ocean surf does to the sand on the beach. The letters in this phrase can be rearranged to make two five-letter words, one of them naming the ocean features responsible for this flowing action and the other naming the place where it occurs. What are the phrase and the two words?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Ocean as the subject. Send by midnight Tuesday please.

Going to make pastry now – back tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “June 22nd

  1. Actually the colours don’t look half bad. I’m not sure what I’d use this for as I don’t find big yarn all that flattering but it might be interesting in accessories.

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