June 23rd

Just a quickie as I am a bit behind!

We went to Browns last night. Almost a disaster.  I had booked on line for 7.0pm.  When we arrived they could find no trace of our booking. The place was heaving. John triumphantly pulled out his phone where there was a confirmation of the booking. Oh, no! I had booked for 1700 hours instead of 1900!  We were 2 hours late.   They were very nice about it and managed to squeeze us in.  I had crab and avocado followed by crab and prawn linguini – not the easiest thing to eat in a ladylike fashion.  I had a Grapefruit Mule to drink. This was grapefruit flavoured vodka with cranberry juice, lime and ginger. It was sharp but i like sharp drinks.

Jackson came back with a rabbit this morning and hid in the bushes with it. He just ate the neck portion. Slip tried to get it away from him but Jackson growled and hissed and she backed off.

Now I must get on with lunch – back tomorrow


2 thoughts on “June 23rd

  1. Jannette, unless I have slept for a month and don’t know it, I believe that you have the wrong month listed for this post!

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