June 25th

Today has been a hassle.  Last week I received a telephone call telling me that my Blackberry contract has less than a month to run and would I like some cash back or a new phone.  I said a new Blackberry. The caller said he would check tariffs and, after doing so, said he had found a cheaper tariff with another company and would I like to switch. Yes, I said and , to cut a long story short, the new Blackberry has arrived and the new contract is due to start on Thursday.

This afternoon I called the company who I have the old contract with to cancel it. To my horror, they said it has 6 months to run and I would have to pay it off.  I was not happy and so rang the company who first called me.  After some prevarication, they have agreed to pay the old contract off.  It has wasted nearly all the afternoon sorting this out.

The whole problem arose because the first caller assumed I was on a 12 month contract when in fact I am on an 18 month one which expires in December.

All the new Rowan yarns and books will arrive together on or around 15th July. That is definite.  Debbie Bliss and Noro usually come in bits and pieces. So at least I shall not have it all arriving en masse.

Jackson has been a bad cat.  He has managed to climb onto the top of the gazebo roof and has punctured the fabric!  Quite how he got up there I do not know! At the moment he is sitting in the walnut tree hoping for a passing bird to land on a branch!

Back tomorrow.


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