June 26th

Today has been rather hectic. John decided to go fishing and so I had to rustle up a picnic at one minute’s notice.

Then the Sirdar / Sublime rep came today.  There was one new yarn that caught my eye : Sublime Luxurious Aran Tweed. It is made from babyl llama, merino dk and cotton. There are eight shades – all quite subtle. It has a dry feel to it and is very soft. Here are some pics:



Jacki and Kessa both solved the puzzle – here is another one for them.

The phrase MAFIA DON’S JINGLE can be rearranged to make the full name of a man who was associated with organized crime. Who is this man?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Crime as subject by midnight Saturday please.

Got to walk Slip now and then start dinner for John’s return – monkfish stuffed with ginger and garlic with a tomato and coconut sauce!  Back tomorrow.


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