June 29th

Just a quickie as I am doing this on my iPhone and it is fiddly.

Jackson is in serious trouble. This morning when I opened the patio door he was sitting there with a dead baby robin. John was right behind me so I had no chance to stuff it down my jeans! I did say that the robin might have just had a heart attack and dropped beside Jackson.

Then he further blotted his copy book this afternoon.

Slip was asleep on the lawn in the sun and Jackson jumped on her, she ran off with Jackson in hot pursuit. Jackson caught up and jumped and sunk his claws into Slip’s rear end. We were sitting in the garden and John threw a newspaper and Jackson let go. Slip is not injured but Jackson has a lot of fences to mend as far as John is concerned.

Jackson can be very wild. He gets a look in his eyes and he is completely different from the cat who cuddles up and rubs his cheek against mine. If I were to be asked if I would trust him with a baby, I would have to say no. But I would not part with him in exchange for a lorry load of free Kidsilk Haze!

The hotel we are going to in Barbados is getting very bad reviews on Trip Advisor….rather worrying. I will explain more tomorrow.

Please tell me if you find things about my life boring…..would you rather I only write about yarn?


15 thoughts on “June 29th

  1. Jannette,
    This is your page and you can blooming well write about whatever pops into your head. If you have been heckled, well, tell them to take a running jump… If I am right I sense an element of self doubt, you will never please everyone, so just please yourself and be reassured that your musings are very entertaining.

  2. Maybe we should all be commenting more as it can’t be very rewarding writing a blog and having little response. Like sending out notes in a bottle. Please, please don’t stop. Some days you make me feel very dull. I will not however, allow our cats to read what Jackson is up to as they don’t need to be given any ideas at all…

  3. Don’t stop, it’s not boring at all. I have a little chuckle to myself at the misadventures of Jackson the cat (perhaps you could write a book about him?!), especially when you try & hide dead animals from John! I only read four blogs & yours is one of them, so please don’t stop 😉 x

  4. All of the above! I originally came for the yarn, but by now I feel like I “know” you and Jackson and Slip. And your contests are always fun.

  5. I never leave comments on blogs but just enjoy reading the ones I subscribe to. However, I will make an exception on this one to say how much I enjoy reading them .It’s helpful to know about the different yarns and when you have offers but the little snippets of your life are fun.
    Please don’t stop them.

  6. Please don’t stop, it’s not boring at all! I love to hear about Jackson’s misdemeanours and all the other goings on. It would be much more boring if all about yarn… Please keep going as we love to be entertained by your often hilarious stories.

  7. Jannette, your life is certainly more exciting than mine! I especially love to read your “Lucy Ricardo” predicaments, and I get such a laugh over them. Keep up your blogging just as you have always done.

  8. Like everyone else I really enjoy your blogs, came originally for the yarn but stayed for everything else. More photos of your beautiful cat would be nice!

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