June 30th




ImageImageTodays photos are of the new shades of Kureyon and Silk Garden that are due next month.

Jacki and Kessa both answered the last question correctly. Next one : If you add a builder to a car repairer, what is the total?  Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Total as subject by midnight Tuesday please.

Now, about my holiday.  We have booked to go to Couples Barbados. The Couples brand took over an existing hotel in Barbados in February and said that it would change to Couples Barbados on June 15th.  As we like their hotels in Jamaica very much, I booked for mid August as that is a good time for John as the fishing is over and the shooting has not started.

I have been eagerly awaiting the first reviews and they are now on Trip Advisor.  As you will see, they are terrible!  I telephoned my travel agent and she said that one of their sales staff is going to stay in the hotel on July 8th and will give me an honest opinion when she returns.If it is not good, we can cancel the hotel and go to another one but it will have to be Barbados as we cannot change the flight.  So, I shall have to wait until I hear more but it is rather worrying. John hates slow service and will be grumbling all the time if he has to wait for ages for his food or drink!

There is a strange fishy smell in the kitchen – I shall have to track it down.  I think I may have dropped a prawn somewhere!  Back tomorrow.


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