June 20th

I am not feeling too good at the moment. I hurt my back lifting the vacuum cleaner this morning and every movement is very painful.  I have taken painkillers but I can still feel the pain every time I move….bending is especially bad.

John has gone fishing again and so I had to take Slip for a walk but could only go at a snail’s pace.  

I have the Sirdar rep coming next Wednesday but I don’t really want any more yarn!  Maybe just some pattern books.

Going to have a rest now – John will be back in an hour and then I will have to cook. Back tomorrow.


June 17th

Today the lawn mower would not work. It started OK but would not go along. Off we went to the mower specialist with it on a trailer. After getting lost, we found the workshop. A piece of wood had got jammed in the drive belt.  The mechanic fixed it and it is now working.

Jacki and Kessa solved the last question correctly. They are all shades in the Rowan Pure Wool 4 ply range and if you work out the sum using the shade numbers you end up with 915!

Today’s question is where might you find a type of coffee, a type of pie, an ice cream flavour, a nut and a drink together?  Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with 5 Things as subject by midnight Friday please.

I am expecting a large delivery of discontinued Baby Cashmerino and Cashmerino Aran today – I have made space by doubling up some boxes – not really a good idea as it makes it hard to find things!

Stormy feel to the weather today – humid and airless.  Back tomorrow,

June 16th

Today’s pics are from Rowan Thick and Thin.  Thick and Thin is a new yarn. It reminds me of Biggy Print, I did not order any but will be getting the book. It knits on US #13 and there are 10 shades.  

ImageImageImageImageImageImageSorry about my thumbnail in one of the photos – the page would not lie flat!

Sip has hurt her paw. She must have stepped on a piece of glass or something rough as there is a chunk missing. She is playing the wounded soldier!  

Today I am cooking roast chicken with all the trimmings followed by a raspberry fool. This is made in a large cocktail glass. I put crushed biscuits in the bottom and pour some sherry over them. Then a layer of chocolate spread, then a layer of raspberries mixed with cream, more spread and so on until the glass is full. Top is decorated with raspberries and chocolate coffee beans!  I would not eat this but John will – he loves sweet things. I would rather have a piece of cheese or some shrimps!

If you have a comcast.net email address and  have signed up for my news letter, I cannot send to you as your isp blocks my emails.  Sign up again using another address and it will be OK.

Time to give Jackson a brush, he does not shed much fur but he loves being brushed.


June 15th

I am a bit rushed today and so I will just deal with the contest and I will write more and show pics of new things tomorrow.

Mary, Jacki, Theresa and Kessa all solved the eight words question. Here is the next one:

2 x Toffee + 1 Raspberry – 1 Avocado = ?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Sums as the subject by midnight Monday please!

Got to dash!  Back tomorrow.

June 14th

Sorry, I seem to have inadvertently caused some confusion!  I said there were new yarns called Alpaca Haze and Angora Haze.  They are in fact Alpaca Haze and Angora Colour!

Here is the shade card showing Alpaca Haze and Kidsilk Haze Eclipse.



John has gone fishing for the day AGAIN!  I have been good and cleaned out my pantry disposing of lots of out of date items!  I have also baked some almond macaroons. I don’t know what time John will be back and so I have par-cooked some spare ribs and then can finish them off with some barbecue sauce when he materialises.

Nothing much else to report at the moment – think I shall watch TV for a bit!

June 13th

Today’s images are from Rowan’s Little Star book. There are 21 designs for children aged 3 – 10 by Marie Wallin. Yarns used are Wool Cotton, Wool Cotton 4 Ply, Pure Wool DK and Angora Haze.



I have discovered that, not only are the new books being released on July 15th, the new yarns are also coming then.  I can see my order on-line and it says July 15th by everything. Space will have to be made!

Very windy here today. We had an advisor visit this morning regarding us selling our house and land. He is going to explore several avenues and will report back.  The plans for the development on the other side of the road have now been submitted. There are big yellow notices on the telegraph poles outside my house giving details of the application.

I shall sell a lot of my yarns off before we move as the thought of packing them all up is daunting! Also it would be nice to “start again”. But until planning permission is granted to the big developments we cannot do anything.  It might be months or it might be years if they go to appeal.

Time to get Slip’s dinner – 12 sausages and a bowl of biscuits!  Back tomorrow.

June 12th

Sorry, I have not got time to do a sneak peek today but I will do one tomorrow.

A very strange thing has come to our notice!!  John took Slip for a different walk today. Next to my neighbours garden is a large field that is very overgrown with nettles and brambles. John went into this field and came back asking me to come and look at something. Off we went, and to my amazement, growing among the weeds are cannabis plants!!  Each one is protected with a wire guard and someone has put a tank full of water near them. There must be at least 25 of them, all about 18″ high.  It is possible to get access to this field from the road by squeezing through the hedge and the plants are all near the hedge rather than at the bottom of the field where we get in.  I am all for digging them up and removing them to our greenhouse!!  I have absolutely no idea who could have planted them as there are no houses near apart from my neighbours and he has a garden big enough to grow cannabis in if he so desired!

Theresa, Kessa, Mary and Jacki all were correct – the answer was camels, cats and giraffes. Here is the next question:

When each of the following words is rearranged, one of them can be used to suffix all the others to give eight longer words. What are they? 

SUET        RAY       TIDE       RANG       TOR      

RUBS       MUMS       RED       FIR  

Answer to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Eight Words as subject by midnight Friday please.

Now I must get on, ironing awaits!