July 31st

No improvement in my neck. We went shopping in Cambridge this morning but I felt too wretched to buy anything. John did get a linen jacket, shorts, shirt and hat.  Think I shall have to give in and go to the doctor.

The answer to the last question was Lone Star State and correct answers were received from Christine, Annemarie, Maureen, Theresa, Julie, Nadine, Susan B, Emily, Joan, Martha, Kessa, Nancy, Susan W and Jacki.

Here is the next question ; When I looked out of the window this morning I saw a murder, a wisdom and a parliament…….these were ?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with whatIsaw a subject by midnight Friday please.

Louisa Harding Luzia is now available but the book is not coming until the middle or end of this month. Also the new shades of DB Baby Cash and Rialto DK are at Designer Yarns’ warehouse.

Slip stole a whole custard tart today – she is in big trouble!  It was on the kitchen table and she must have stood on her hind legs and grabbed it.

Time to tie up my sacks again – back tomorrow.

July 30th

Hmm! My neck is back to square one………painful and now my jaw feels tight on that side. A bit like when I get hamster face.  Don’t know what to do. I don’t really want to go to the doctor and have to go for tests…….so time consuming and ages to get any results. Maybe I can bear it with enough pain killers.

John did go fishing today and I was able to smuggle the new LH Grace and Grace hand beaded in!  We took Jackson for his booster injection.  He was a bad cat…..growling and hissing at the vet.  He was weighed and is just under 12 lbs.  Not bad considering he only eats biscuits. 

Going to get dinner now………prawn and noodle salad for me and Bombay potatoes and rice for John.   Back tomorrow.  

July 29th

I am pleased to report that my neck is feeling better – not 100% but definitely better than yesterday. As Sue suggested, I think  it was caused by the large fan over our bed plus driving along in the passenger seat of the Land Rover with the window open. We did not put the fan on last night and I have not had to take any pain killers today.

The new Louisa Harding Grace Harmonies is coming tomorrow along with some other things……!!  I think John may go fishing and so that is all to the good. First we have to take Jackson for his booster injections but I shall suggest he goes fishing for the afternoon!

My Summer Pudding was a success – I was able to turn it out perfectly and none of the juice had seeped through the bread. I turned the fridge up to its highest setting so that it would get really chilled. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the fridge down and the milk was solid this morning. I quickly immersed the bottle in a sink of boiling water whilst John was showering and shaving, and he was none the wiser…just remarked that it was nice and cold!

Time to iron now. It is raining at present but not cold. Back tomorrow.

July 28th

I am in agony!  I have had a stiff neck for the last few days and yesterday it became worse. My shoulder, collar bone and neck all hurt and it hurts to move my head. I am taking pain killers but, if it does not get better, I shall have to go to the doctor. No way could I fly to Barbados like this.

John had to vacuum this morning and wash the wooden floors because it hurt me to do it. I think he was quite surprised at what hard work it is!  He did not know how to turn the vacuum cleaner on!  Oh for a young domesticated husband!

I am cooking jerk chicken with spicy potato wedges, peas and runner beans. The beans are our own first crop.  I have made a summer pudding for dessert but am not sure it will be a great success.  I had a job to get the bread to line the bowl properly and found the whole thing a very sticky affair. I hate sticky fingers and mine were covered in fruit juice after dipping the slices of bread in it.  I shall not be making it again!

Jackson caught a mole and brought it in. We rescued it and John took it to a field over the road as we do not want mole hills on the lawn. 

Time to put the jerk chicken in the oven and make some mayonnaise!

July 26th

New contest!  The prize is two balls of Kidsilk Haze Eclipse in the winner’s choice of colour. Here is the first question: Take the word EAST-NORTHEAST, change the H to an L and rearrange, and you can get the nickname for a US state. What is it? Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with State as subject by midnight Tuesday. My computer network is now running smoothly. No dropped connections or slow-downs. The estate agent is coming on Monday to value the house. John seems to think a vast spring clean is necessary…….I have had to dust away all cobwebs, shampoo carpets, shine taps……..ugh, I hate housework!  John, in turn, has been mowing, strimming and painting the outside woodwork. Feeling tired now – going to sit in the garden for a bit and then cook dinner – Thai green chicken curry!  Back tomorrow.