July 25th

My new router finally arrived at lunch time today. What a pain to set it up. Neither my printer nor my back up disc could find it. After a lot of fiddling, I finally got them to work. Then my iPhone, iPad and 2 Blackberries had to be re-configured too – plus John’s iPad. All working OK now!

The man who is advising us about our land came this morning. It seems we have several different avenues to explore. We could sell it as an option. This means that a developer will agree to buy it from us at a set price in X number of years time – usually five. In the meantime, we live in the house and they pay us so much a year for the option.  We are not enamoured with that idea at all.

Second scenario is that we sell the house and land as it stands. This might lower the price as the buyer might not want to live surrounded by new houses. But, on the other hand, it could raise the price as the buyer might see the potential for building on the land!

Third way is for us to apply for permission for houses on the land and when we have the permission, sell it as building land with permission.  The only downside to this is cost – architects, surveyors and planning application fees. But I think we will follow this route as it seems to be the most direct.  First step is to have the house valued as it stands. If it turns out that the difference in price between selling it as a house and land, or knocking the house down and selling the whole acre with building permission, is not that great, then it would not be worth doing. Estate agents are coming on Monday next to value. 

I find all this rather worrying and unsettling as nothing is cut and dried.  It is all if and when and but!

Tomorrow we are gong to Cambridge as John needs new shorts, straw hat and linen jacket for Barbados.  I need shorts, straw hat and bras!

Nothing new on the yarn front.  The new Louisa Grace and Grace Harmonies will be here next week.

I will start a new contest tomorrow – promise! 


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