July 28th

I am in agony!  I have had a stiff neck for the last few days and yesterday it became worse. My shoulder, collar bone and neck all hurt and it hurts to move my head. I am taking pain killers but, if it does not get better, I shall have to go to the doctor. No way could I fly to Barbados like this.

John had to vacuum this morning and wash the wooden floors because it hurt me to do it. I think he was quite surprised at what hard work it is!  He did not know how to turn the vacuum cleaner on!  Oh for a young domesticated husband!

I am cooking jerk chicken with spicy potato wedges, peas and runner beans. The beans are our own first crop.  I have made a summer pudding for dessert but am not sure it will be a great success.  I had a job to get the bread to line the bowl properly and found the whole thing a very sticky affair. I hate sticky fingers and mine were covered in fruit juice after dipping the slices of bread in it.  I shall not be making it again!

Jackson caught a mole and brought it in. We rescued it and John took it to a field over the road as we do not want mole hills on the lawn. 

Time to put the jerk chicken in the oven and make some mayonnaise!


4 thoughts on “July 28th

  1. Have you tried a Wimbledon-style ice towel round your neck? Inspired by Andy Murray I put a gel pack in the freezer, then wrapped it in a towel and wrapped round my neck and shoulder a couple of weeks ago when I similarly smitten by neck troubles. It was wonderful in such hot weather

  2. You haven’t been sitting near a fan,have you? That’s what happened to me with our ceiling fan-we ended up taking it down.I also had the same problem with the air-con when we were in our hotel room in Sri Lanka,years ago !

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