July 29th

I am pleased to report that my neck is feeling better – not 100% but definitely better than yesterday. As Sue suggested, I think  it was caused by the large fan over our bed plus driving along in the passenger seat of the Land Rover with the window open. We did not put the fan on last night and I have not had to take any pain killers today.

The new Louisa Harding Grace Harmonies is coming tomorrow along with some other things……!!  I think John may go fishing and so that is all to the good. First we have to take Jackson for his booster injections but I shall suggest he goes fishing for the afternoon!

My Summer Pudding was a success – I was able to turn it out perfectly and none of the juice had seeped through the bread. I turned the fridge up to its highest setting so that it would get really chilled. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the fridge down and the milk was solid this morning. I quickly immersed the bottle in a sink of boiling water whilst John was showering and shaving, and he was none the wiser…just remarked that it was nice and cold!

Time to iron now. It is raining at present but not cold. Back tomorrow.


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