July 31st

No improvement in my neck. We went shopping in Cambridge this morning but I felt too wretched to buy anything. John did get a linen jacket, shorts, shirt and hat.  Think I shall have to give in and go to the doctor.

The answer to the last question was Lone Star State and correct answers were received from Christine, Annemarie, Maureen, Theresa, Julie, Nadine, Susan B, Emily, Joan, Martha, Kessa, Nancy, Susan W and Jacki.

Here is the next question ; When I looked out of the window this morning I saw a murder, a wisdom and a parliament…….these were ?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with whatIsaw a subject by midnight Friday please.

Louisa Harding Luzia is now available but the book is not coming until the middle or end of this month. Also the new shades of DB Baby Cash and Rialto DK are at Designer Yarns’ warehouse.

Slip stole a whole custard tart today – she is in big trouble!  It was on the kitchen table and she must have stood on her hind legs and grabbed it.

Time to tie up my sacks again – back tomorrow.


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