July 22nd

Well, I seem to have got away with the crushed lupin plant!  John has not mentioned it and, if he does, I can blame it on the postman or a delivery man!

We are waiting for the Royal Baby to be be born – what a long time it is taking!  I predict a boy weighing 8 lbs 2 oz!

One snippet of news.  Whilst ordering some Kidsilk Haze with the Rowan online ordering facility, I noticed there are 8 spaces waiting for pictures of shades and they say available from 14th January 2014. I will see if I can find out anymore!

Still very hot here but thunderstorms are forecast so perhaps they will clear the air. Too hot to do anything at the moment!  Back tomorrow with a new contest!


July 20th

ImageThis is shade 1027 by Artyarns.  All the different types of yarn – cashmere. silk, beaded, mohair and sparkle are available in this colour way.

I am going to be in big trouble!  John has been carefully nurturing some lupin plants which he has grown from seed. They are now planted out in the front garden and are diligently watered every evening.  Today, whilst backing my car out of the garage, I ran over the edge of the flower bed and I see I have crushed one of the lupins.  I have tried to revive it but I am sure he will notice when he waters tonight.  I am thinking of blaming it on a stray dog that I saw!  It is very tight backing out of the garage as John’s car is on my left and so I keep to the right so as not to hit it, and then, once I am clear of the garage, I have to steer so that I go to the left to avoid the flower bed.  Ugh! I hate going backwards……it is mystery to me! Anyhow, he is going to be mad at me…….he is walking Slip at the moment and then will water.

We are not eating out but are going to get fish and chips from a new shop and bring them home and eat them and then go for a drink.

I had better brace myself to face the music…back tomorrow.


July 19th





These are sample skeins from Artyarns. They are cashmere. silk and kid mohair in various combinations and one has sequins and another has glitter.  Artyarns supply all their shades in all combinations of fibres – the range is mind-boggling.  It is to order only and I will be putting the whole range in my shop soon. Image


It is still very hot here. Too hot really. I don’t feel like cooking and ironing is awful.

My network is still not working correctly. My back up disc is supposed to back up everything hourly but it is not doing so and the only way for me to get it to work is to unplug it and then restart it and it does work for that one back up but won’t do another one when it should. Ugh, I hate it when networks go wrong. But I will keep trying!

Going to tie up my sacks now ready for the postie!  Back tomorrow.


July 17th

I swear it is hotter than ever today. It is not that sunny but it is very humid and not a breath of air.

My new router came today and my broadband connection is working perfectly. Fingers crossed it stays this way

We went to see Julie, my ex neighbour, this afternoon. Slip is going to stay with her when we go to Barbados.  She only boards one dog at a time and Slip will be in the house – not shut in a kennel. John is happier with this arrangement than putting her in boarding kennels.

Tomorrow there is another exhibition pertaining to the development around our house and so we shall go to that.

I am expecting some Filatura Superior, Baby Kid Extra and Nirvana.  The new Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester DK is really nice and the colours are lovely.

Oh! My travel agent telephoned – she was at Couples Barbados last week – and said that most of the problems are sorted and that the room we have booked has been totally renovated. Food is excellent as are the drinks and so I am not so worried about it now.

Time to serve Slip’s dinner – trout!  Back tomorrow.

July 16thJuly 16th

I have been having trouble with my broadband connection.  It disconnects and I have to re-boot the router and then it is fine for a bit.  Then suddenly it is gone again. I telephoned BT and the man said my router is faulty and so they are sending me a new one.  I am somewhat doubtful that this is the problem as my iPad and iPhone do not disconnect. We shall see!



Here is Jackson in my photography cube!  He is feeling the heat and sleeps most of the day.

The new Debbie Bliss yarns and books are coming between 6 and 7 pm tonight.  I will be shipping pre-orders tomorrow.

I am so hot sitting here – my Mac seems to radiate heat. Going to water the garden and splash myself with the hose!

July 14th

We went out to dinner last night to the Sword Inn Hand.  It was so slow. Our table was for 7.15 and it was 7.45 before we even saw a menu.  I had pate and toast to start with and John had a crab cake. Then I had a crab salad and John had a sole.  Both courses were ages materialising.  And it was not busy – plenty of empty tables.

Near disaster this morning.  I had forgotten I had put the pork chops in the oven to de-frost over night and this morning I turned it on ready to cook some biscuits.  The chops were still wrapped in greaseproof paper and, when I remembered them, the paper had stuck to them and they were starting to cook.  I rescued them and have managed to scrape most of the paper off.  

Very hot again. We are gong to have lunch in the garden…the rescued pork chops followed by a mixed berry flan.   Jackson has taken up residence in a shed…it is cool in there. Time to put the chops in the oven ( for a second time!).

July 12th

Phew!  What a day!  Part of my Rowan Autumn order has arrived. There is one more box to come and, of course, the packing list is in the box that has not arrived. So fat I have received the new shades of FIne Tweed ( in my shop), new shades of Rowan Tweed and Rowan Tweed Aran ( not in shop yet ), some shades of Wool Cotton and Felted Tweed and Felted Tweed Aran, some shades of Angora Haze – none of these are in the shop yet. Also the new shades of Kidsilk Haze which I have put in the shop.

I received all of the books except Pioneer. I have shipped all pre-orders for the Rowan Mag #54 and will do the other books over the weekend and put the yarns that I have received in the shop.  It is really hard work adding all the new photos and deleting old ones.

Very warm again but no time to tan today!  Back tomorrow.