August 31st.

Julie, Joan, Jacki, Theresa and Maureen all answered the last question correctly.

Here is a word search. Can you find 50 European cities?



Answers to with Cities as the subject by Tuesday midnight please.

Hot here today and I am about to go and top up my tan!  Nothing much to report on the yarn front at the moment.  Back tomorrow.

August 30th



Artyarns Beaded Shawl pattern in Beaded Silk Light. Available free with all purchases of one of more skeins of Beaded Silk Light. This pattern comes in a book of four designs and purchasers will receive the complete book.

John has gone fishing and so I am looking after Slip. I took her for a walk and put wellington boots on as there are lots of stinging nettles in the field where we walk. I was wearing shorts and so my legs were bare inside the boots. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain. A bee was in my boot and it stung my calf. I now have fat calf!

John has remembered that it is my birthday on Sunday and so no getting him to wear sack cloth and ashes!  We are going out to dinner tomorrow night.

I see there are new shades of Rowan Fine Lace on the ordering site. No pictures and it says they will be available from 14th January.

Kim Hargreaves new book is scheduled for 1st October and I have it on order. I have not seen a copy yet.

Now I must go and wait for the postie – he is due any moment. Back tomorrow.

August 28th

Jackson is hoarse!  He can only make the faintest cry and it sounds rasping.  We think he has screamed and yelled so much in the cattery that he now has almost lost his voice. He is eating and drinking and so I don’t think it is serious.

We have a plague of wasps after our plums. John was stung on the thumb today. Just hoping that Slip or Jackson do not get stung.

The new Debbie Bliss Magazine should be here any day now.  Also some shawl kits from Artyarns.  They are expensive but very beautiful.

John may go fishing tomorrow. Slip is in season and so will have to stay here with me. It is my birthday on Sunday and I think that John has forgotten. He normally asks where I would like to go and what I would like as a present.  Actually it works in my favour if he forgets as he is overcome with remorse and I get a bigger gift!  Got my eye on a Tiffany pendant!  Back tomorrow!

August 27th



Rowan Studio 32 arrived today together with all colours of Alpaca Colour.

I am feeling more rested and in command of things! Still more ironing and washing to do but all outstanding orders have been dispatched. 

Everyone found the 22 ice cream related words. Now, how about this:

Think of the two-word name of a place associated with travellers leaving New York City. Replace the first vowel with a pair of vowels and replace the remaining two vowels with a single vowel each, and you’ll get the name of a place associated with travellers leaving Earth. What are these places?

Answers to with Travellers as subject by midnight Friday please.

Jackson has settled down and stopped crying. He is on squirrel patrol under the walnut tree. The tree is loaded with nuts – we could open a nut shop! We also have a glut of plums which John will keep eating – he will have plummy tummy!

Must get on now – I shan’t rest until everything is in order!  Back tomorrow!