August 26th

We are back!  To say I am tired is an understatement. I did get some sleep during the flight but then we had awful trouble as the car we had booked to collect us at the airport did not appear. John was getting so cross and so, in the end, we paid for a taxi. The driver of the booked car was supposed to phone John to tell us where to find him. It turned out that John had muted his phone by accident and so of course he did not hear it ring! No use in being cross with me!

We had a lovely time. The local people are all very friendly and we felt safe walking about. We hired a car for a day.  Not a good idea as we got hopelessly lost. None of the road signs seemed to have numbers or distances on them and we were going in circles. We went to see a lighthouse on a cliff and ended up seeing it four times!  It was interesting to see the sugar cane fields and the old plantation houses.

To sum up Jamaica v Barbados, I would say that Barbados is more civilised but I did miss the Jamaican vibe. No hustlers in Barbados and no hard sell in the shops.

John was his usual typical English self – insisting on Kellogg’s corn flakes for breakfast! There was all manner of exotic things to try, but, no, he had to have corn flakes and a banana for breakfast! I tried lots of strange things – salt fish, flying fish, fried plantain, curried goat…John rigidly ate a pork chop or tuna!  No soul!

Slip and Jackson are back. Slip was fine with Julie and seems to have had a good time. Jackson has not stopped yelling since he arrived home. He seems none the worse for wear and looks heavier – rather portly!

I promise to update the contest tomorrow. I have a mound of ironing to do and a mountain of parcels to pack…..the downside of a holiday!


2 thoughts on “August 26th

  1. Welcome home! Hope you’ve come back rested and refreshed, though sadly that won’t last! Sounds as if you had a great holiday.

  2. Welcome back, I know just what you mean after cleaning all of the holiday stuff you need another holiday! On the other hand Barbados does sound great, so hope you really enjoyed your stay there.

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