August 28th

Jackson is hoarse!  He can only make the faintest cry and it sounds rasping.  We think he has screamed and yelled so much in the cattery that he now has almost lost his voice. He is eating and drinking and so I don’t think it is serious.

We have a plague of wasps after our plums. John was stung on the thumb today. Just hoping that Slip or Jackson do not get stung.

The new Debbie Bliss Magazine should be here any day now.  Also some shawl kits from Artyarns.  They are expensive but very beautiful.

John may go fishing tomorrow. Slip is in season and so will have to stay here with me. It is my birthday on Sunday and I think that John has forgotten. He normally asks where I would like to go and what I would like as a present.  Actually it works in my favour if he forgets as he is overcome with remorse and I get a bigger gift!  Got my eye on a Tiffany pendant!  Back tomorrow!

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