September 29th.

Nothing special to report today.  We did not go out last night, not even for a drink!  Instead I drank Grey Goose and knitted – not a good idea as I now see I have dropped a stitch!  I am cooking beef curry for lunch followed by apple  pie.  



The new Rowan Kidsilk Amore and Amore Shimmer yarn and book are due 14th October and I have them ordered.  It is a big wool version of Kidsilk Haze…..not sure what to make of it!

Now I must go and see to my curry and fry the poppadums! Back tomorrow.

September 27th

I am starting the new contest today. The prize is a ball of the new Rowan Amore yarn that is due in two weeks time – winner’s choice of colour.

First question is a musical crossword:





This crossword was compiled in 2004 and so any references to “now” or “current” refer to then! Answers to with Xword as subject by midnight Monday please.

I had a delivery of lots of Laurel Burch socks, phone and iPad cases, umbrellas and scarves today Also some nice folding knitting caddies:



Our walnuts are nearly ready to harvest.  I might make some walnut chutney  as there are so many!  Slip and Jackson like playing football with them. 

It is now 3 pm here – ice cream time!  Back tomorrow.

September 25th

We have a contest winner…..Jacki!  The four words were all anagrams of percussion instruments!  Only Jacki found out this and so she wins!!  I will start a new contest at the weekend.

I am tired now as my Rowan special order came…if you are a newsletter subscriber you will know what it is….and there was a lot to unpack, boxes, to shift and despatch notes to check. John helps but he does not do it in a organised way and so I find my self frustrated!  Anyhow, all done now.

Kim Hargreaves Smoulder also arrived today but I have not had time to put it in the shop…will do so tomorrow.

Going to start getting dinner ready now….cheese, potato and onion pie with bacon for John and filo pastry prawns for me. Back tomorrow,

September 24th



This is one of the new umbrellas that I have coming from the USA. Also lots of socks, scarves, iPad and iPhone cases. I thought they would be nice for Christmas gifts.

I am feeling better today and think that I was eating too many plums! I felt so bloated and uncomfortable . 

Jackson is on extra duties as the squirrels are raiding the walnut tree. He has chased several of them but not managed to catch one. He is his own worst enemy as he yells at the top of his voice whilst chasing them and then when they get away, his tone changes and he mutters to himself. I have never know such a vocal cat.

If you are a newsletter subscriber, keep an eye on your inbox…I think my special order from Rowan will come tomorrow. I am offering the yarns to newsletter subscribers first before making them visible to the world and his wife!

Time to pack the mail sacks again…back tomorrow.

September 22nd

Thins have not been going too well so far today. First of all, the kettle would not switch on – the little switch just jumped back up when I pressed it down. I was able to make it work by holding the switch down until it boiled. I know John would have looked at it and tried to fix it but I was not in the mood for him saying “What have you done to it?”.  I tried again a bit later and it worked.

Next hurdle…I picked up some newspapers to take them to the waste paper basked – John had used one to tie fishing flies on and out flew all manner of feathers and tinsel and tying silk – and I had already hoovered for today.

Next, my Macbook Pro that I have not used for a while, could not connect to my network – kept asking for a password.  After a lot of hunting around, I found the password by looking at my hub settings on my iMac. Another half an hour wasted.

Jacki, Maureen, Theresa and Joan all solved the crossword. Here is your next challenge:

What have the following in common:  INTEGRAL, LATTER, CALVES, UNDERARMS

Answers to with In Common as subject by midnight Tuesday please.

Now I must stuff some onions for lunch!  Back tomorrow.