September 1st

Many thanks to all of you who sent me birthday cards and greetings!

John is having a gold and diamond bracelet made for me to match my eternity ring. I have to go to the jeweller this week to have a fitting.

We went out to dinner last night. I had chicken liver pâté and a whole plaice. The pâté was good but the plaice did not have much taste…very bland. John had whitebait and roast beef. We came home afterwards and I had some Grey Goose which we brought back from Barbados.

I have a huge foot. There was some sort of thorn or prickle in the top of my foot and
I pulled it out. My foot has swelled up and it itches like crazy. I have no idea why this prickle has caused such a reaction. I think it could only have been a thistle. Mystery!

Jackson brought me a live frog today. John had gone to buy a newspaper and I was still in bed. Jackson came through, jumped onto the bed and dropped a frog on the bed. Luckily I caught it before it hopped off!

Going to have a bath now and then some Grey Goose! Back tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “September 1st

  1. Yes, Happy Birthday, Jannette
    And you thought he was going to forget!
    Mind you, Jackson remembered. A live frog. What a novel present!

  2. I think that was so sweet of Jackson and so thoughtful to present it in “living” condition. The bracelet sounds lovely. I hope you had a wonderful day.

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