October 31st

One new yarn from Noro for Spring 2014



Noro Kibou. This is 54% cotton, 34% wool and 12% silk. It comes in 50g balls in six shades and retails for around $11.

There is a pattern book – here are two of the designs:



There are 4 new shades of Silk Garden Lite. Taiyo Sock and Silk Garden Sock are being re-branded as Silk Garden 4 Ply and Taiyo 4 Ply and will come in 50g balls rather than 100g.  Aya and Taiyo are discontinued as are the 100g balls of Silk Garden Sock and Taiyo Sock.

There is also a new World of Nature and a new book in support of Silk Garden 4 Ply and Taiyo 4 Ply.

We are off for the lobster at 6.20pm tonight and so I must hurry up as I have to do my nail polish and iron my dress! Back tomorrow.

October 30th

Two new yarns from Louisa Harding for Spring 2014



This is Etoile. It is 70% cotton, 24% polyamide and 6% polyester. As you can see, it has tiny sequins along the length of the yarn. There are twelve shades and it is aran weight. Here are two designs from the accompanying pattern book:



The second new yarn is Noema



This is 75% cotton, 20% acrylic and 5% polyamide. There are 10 shades and it is DK weight. It will retail at around $8 a ball.Here are two designs from the pattern book:


There are new shades in Mila, Jesse and Colline.  Grace Hand Dyed, Mulberry Silk, Mulberry Hand Beaded Silk, Sari Ribbon and Simonetta are all discontinued.   I was not especially impressed with two new yarns as they are not really different and have quite a lot of synthetic fibre in them.  But I could be wrong – I hated Luzia and it sold very well.

Tomorrow I will unveil Noro!  

We are going for our lobster dinner tomorrow in Cambridge. Now I must go and have a tidy up as I am expecting a delivery of discontinued Debbie Bliss and, as usual, space is at a premium.



October 29th

Here are the 2 new Debbie Bliss yarns for Spring 2014.  First of all we have Juliet



This is 52% cotton and 48% acrylic  with 131 yards per 50g ball. It knits on3.25mm needles and is machine washable. There are 12 shades and it will retail around $7.25 a ball.  Here are two garments knitted in Juliet



Debbie’s other new yarn is called Mia



This is 50% wool and 50% cotton with 109 yards per 50g ball. It is a standard DK weight and is hand wash. There are 16 shades and it will retail for around $8 a ball.  Here are two garments knitted with Mia:


There are pattern books for both of the new yarns.

Additionally there are new shades in existing ranges:

Luxury Silk DK : 6 new solid colours and 2 printed ones

Rialto DK Print : 6 new shades

Rialto 4 Ply : 4 new shades

Rialto Lace : 6 new shades

Cotton DK : 4 new shades

Eco Baby : 6 new shades.

There is also a new Luxury Silk booklet with 6 designs and the Debbie Bliss magazine.

Tomorrow I will reveal Louisa’s new goodies!

We have a contest winner – Maureen Moran!  I shall start a new contest at the weekend.

The wind has gone and it is sunny but quite a lot colder. Jackson’s limp is a little better – it does not seem to trouble him. It is as if he walks with a stiff leg.  

We are going to gather up the zillions of apples that have fallen in the wind. We will keep the best ones for cooking and eating and let the birds have the bruised ones. Back tomorrow.


October 28th

Another nightmare day!  Ian, the Designer Yarns rep was very delayed due to an accident on the motorway. No sooner had he arrived and the power went down. This was midday and it is now 8.0pm and it has just come on again. No power means I cannot print orders, labels, stamps etc.  Only good part is that we did go out for a meal!

I have lots of new things to show you…….I will photograph them all and all will be revealed tomorrow.

I have had a tetanus shot and am taking antibiotics. Wounds are not so angry and are less sore.

Feeling tired…..sometimes it is all too much!


October 27th

Another accident!  Jackson woke me at 3.0 am demanding to go out. I did not bother to put the lights on and made my way to the patio door to open it for him. I tripped over Slip’s wicker basket and end up in the basket. Slip was not in it!  The wicker cut my leg……



I seem to be accident prone recently!

Jackson’s limp is a little better today – he seems bright enough and I think the worst is over.

We are braced for strong winds tonight – John has been making sure that everything is secure and also picking as many apples as he can before they get blown off the trees.

We are having spaghetti with a smoky bacon and anchovy sauce for lunch followed by raspberry and hazelnut meringues. Then we shall take Slip for a walk and let her have a swim and then it will be time for Downton Abbey!!  Back tomorrow.

October 26th

Another mishap!  Jackson was asleep on my lap half an hour ago and a delivery man came. He rang the bell and it would not stop ringing!  Slip went crazy barking and this frightened Jackson who jumped up and clawed my arm in the process.



He is now hiding under a table. I think he hurt his leg some more as he jumped off my lap and fell on the floor.  I am waiting for him to calm down and then I will take a look.

No answers to the contest…here is a further clue…the living things all have leaves!  Answers by midnight Monday please.

We are going to the Three Horseshoes for a meal tonight. Incidentally, those of you who remember the drunken landlord that used to have this pub, I am sad to tell you that he died about three weeks ago.  He had cancer and was in a hospice.

Going to bathe my scratches now – there are more lower down my arm on the inside that are smarting. Back tomorrow.