November 14th

The Kinki Amibari needles and accessories have arrived!  They are very good quality and a cut above most needles.


Also arrived……1 kilo of jumbo crabs claws and a 5 kilo box of prawns!  We are going to eat the crab claws for dinner tonight.

Maureen, Naomi and Grace all answered the second contest question correctly. Here is the next one:

With the phrase VETERANS DAY, change the V to a C and rearrange, and you can get a two-word phrase that names something you might buy for a different holiday. What is it?

Answers to with Veterans as the subject by midnight Sunday please.

Colder here today but Mr. Jackson is still sleeping in the greenhouse. He caught another rat in the night and so had a bonus piece of duck paté!

Now I must go and pack more parcels before the postman arrives.

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