November 23rd

Sorry I have not written for the last few days. I have been feeling a bit in the doldrums – no real reason for this!  

Time for a new contest. The prize is a skein of Rowan’s new Fine Art Aran yarn in the winners’ choice of colour. Fine Art Aran is not released yet but I have seen it and it is very nice.


Hidden in the word search below are ten current shades of current Rowan yarns – words can read in any direction.



Answers to with Word Search as subject. Closing date is midnight Tuesday.

It has been sunny here but very cold. My brother and sister in law came on Thursday – that meant I had to do a vast amount of dusting as the sun seems to show up every speck.  

I have not received my appointment to see the hand surgeon yet – things are so slow nowadays.

We are going to take Slip to the lake for a swim now.  She plunges in and swims right around the edge of the lake.  

Back tomorrow.


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