November 27th

John woke in the night with toothache and has been to the dentist today.  There is decay under one of his crowns and it seems it will be a vast expense to correct it. Talk of bridges, posts, crowns…….why on earth he does not just have the tooth out I do not know. It is a back one and so it is not as if it would show!  He has an appointment for Friday when the crown will be removed and the best course of action decided.

Rowan Kidsilk Creation Stripe is discontinued.  I am not surprised as fancy yarns definitely have a limited life due to their lack of versatility.

Maureen, Kessa, Nancy, Gemma, Julie, Joan P, Susan B and C, Jenny T and Lois all answered the last question correctly Here is the next one:


Russian Dolls – so called because the words fit inside one another

Example: Put the woman into a young fox or lion to make an angel.
Answer: Put the word her inside the word cub and you get c-her-ub, that is cherub.

1. Put an insect into tarts to make underwear.

2. Put a word for ‘always’ inside an animal to get excited.

3. Put a word for ‘representing’ inside an insect to make a word meaning ‘earlier’.

4. Put a word for ‘exists’ into your artistic inspiration to make a word meaning ‘ill-treat’.

5. Put the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet inside the residue of burning to make a word meaning ‘like a monkey’.

6. Put a condiment inside a word for ‘each’ to make a collection of psalms.

7. Put a heavenly being into a game to make a word for eternal.

8. Put a word meaning ‘moved quickly’ inside a French house to make a tough stone.

9. Put a word for ‘on’ inside a dog to make a line on a map.

10. Put human males into a doctrine to make a block of flats.

Answers to with Russian Dolls as subject by midnight Saturday please.

Damp and cold here. I am knitting a pair of gloves at the moment and I need them!!



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