November 29th



The Winter issue of the Noro Magazine is on the way to me…should be here early next week.

John went to the dentist and had the crown removed and a temporary filling put in the tooth. He now has to decide if he wants to go to a specialist in London to have the root removed. It is the tooth one from the furthest back on the lower jaw and our dentist says that it needs specialist equipment to deal with it.  This tooth had a bridge to the teeth on either side and so it is not possible to remove it as it is needed to support the teeth on either side.  Rather him than me…….have the lot out is what I say!

John and Slip are shooting tomorrow and I am going to the hairdressers and doing some shopping and then I am going to make a blueberry and frangipani tart for Sunday lunch.  We have been to the butcher and are having roast beef. Slip had a bone from the butcher but she has buried it! 

My hands are hurting today – still no appointment to see the hand surgeon, our health service is useless!  Back tomorrow


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